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The Asian Holistic Academy is yet another creation by the spa and wellness industry superstar HARNN, founded in 1999. The establishment follows on from a bright history of successes and awards, this time dedicating its focus on holistic wellness, drawing influences from both Oriental wisdom and knowledge. The Asian Holistic Academy provides comprehensive teachings in both Thai and English programs by their trained professionals. If one is looking for a more advanced course focusing on a more in depth understanding of the field, the academy also provides certified professional courses, professional spa consulting with emphasis on business solutions, the fundamentals of spa business and management, system implementation and more. Varying courses are offered between February-March 2017.

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“At Asian Holistic Academy, artistry, local practices and cultures are integrated to optimise the courses for contemporary lifestyle. On the whole, the knowledge aims to bring a harmonious balance to the body and mind, which is primarily the core concept of holistic well-being,” explains founder and managing director Vudichai Harnphanich.

The Asian Holistic Academy is situated at Zen Tower, Central World. For more information, see asianholisticacademy.com or call 0-2252-5721.

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