Starting or amping up your fitness journey? We round-up some essential exercise accessories you can purchase and use at home (or bring to the gym) for your quick yet powerful workouts!


15154650-Gloves_resized_980x980.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Nike

1. Training Gloves
Make sure you protect your hands with a pair of training gloves! Even when not necessarily carrying weights, some strength training exercises may require you to put a bit of pressure on your hands/ wrist; don't risk the unwelcome blisters and undue fatigue.


15154503-ResistanceBand_resized_1999x1328.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Sklz Fitness

2. Resistance Loop Bands
For those who are keen on working on their leg muscles, resistance bands are an easy-to-carry and lightweight fitness acessory that delivers serious results. In lieu of weights, this stretchable bands are able to increase the pressure on your regular exercises like leg lifts, donkey kicks, or lunges.


15154503-BosuBall_resized_1009x1024.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Popsugar Fitness

3. Bosu Ball/ Gym Ball
A great addition to your home gym, a bosu ball or Gym ball can amp up your regular workouts. Enhancing your balance and strength, these nifty accessories are perfect for a variety of exercise sequences. Power-up your planks, push-ups, lunges, or squats!


15154503-pexels-photo-45056_resized_1920x1280.jpg4. Jump Rope
Perhaps the most lightweight and travel-friendly fitness buddy you can get! A few minutes or staggered rounds on the jumping rope will surely give you that needed cardio boost and warm-up. Aim for 15 minutes, divided into 5 rounds for a surefire sweat!


15154503-Mat_resized_2000x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Adidas

5. Training Mat/ Yoga Mat
Don't risk training on a bare floor! For those you enjoy yoga/ pilates exercises, go for a reversible Yoga Mat -- its extra resistance will make sure your bare feet do not slip in the middle of a challenging pose! If you're a fan of weighted strength training, go for a training mat which is much thicker and offers more bounce support for squats/ burpees.


15154923-AnkleWeights_resized_1246x1870.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Nike

6. Ankle Weights
For those eager to build strength and agility, ankle weights are the way to go. You can develop stronger leg muscles and visible definition with these. For a quick leg workout, try a circuit of side lunges, squats, and leg lifts! For maximum effect, pair these with your resistance loop bands.