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Here in the city, pollution is a big problem. If you’re like most of us self-caring individuals, you’ll have noticed the effect it’s having on your skin. The lower the air quality, the worse our skin looks, feels and ages. If only there was a way to fight these effects and protect our skin properly...

Enter the Soin Oxygénant VIP O2 Treatment. Available at the Anantara Spa Bangkok, this new regenerative anti-pollution facial comes at a time we need it most. Launched by Parisian skincare brand Biologique Recherche, the treatment detoxifies and oxygenates skin, whilst protecting the epidermis from the negative effects of pollution.

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The treatment uses products from acclaimed high-end Parisian skincare brand Biologique Recherche

When it comes to skincare, most of us are all a bit too generic. We like to assume that what works for the general population will work for us. But for the Biologique brand, that is certainly not the case. They recognise that just like we need medication specifically diagnosed for our health, we need skincare tailored to our skin. Is it any wonder that their clinical approach to beauty is what makes them the haute couture of skincare?

What’s most impressive about the O2 treatment is that it truly caters to your specific skincare needs. The treatment begins by carrying out an extensive skin analysis using their patented Skin Instant Lab. The specialised instruments and customised software provide the most precise results for your skincare needs. From there, a beauty prescription unique to you is ready to be used for your treatment. 

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As with all spa experiences, relaxation is key. And thanks to the skin analysis, you can relax knowing full well the products and techniques used will be completely bespoke. This is what makes the luxurious 60-minute treatment accessible to all ages, complexions and concerns. Within the hour, an array of highly concentrated products will be applied to recondition and purify the face. Your skin will be treated to a deep cleanse, exfoliation and an energising face mask.

As an added bonus, whilst these ingredients work their magic, you will enjoy a unique neck, shoulder and arm massage that uses special techniques to encourage lymphatic drainage and skin lift. Expect to emerge from your treatment with fresh, glowing skin that's ready to take on the city.

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Anantara Spa

Soin Oxygénant VIP O2 Treatment is available only in Bangkok at the Anantara Spa at Anantara Siam Bangkok. Book your anti-pollution facial now at

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