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Image: Courtesy of IG @thekatvond

While you were still dreaming of fairytale love after the unforgettable wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, earlier this month, a wedding of equal yet antithetical emotions took place right under your nose and it was what nightmares are made of.

American tattoo artist and celebrity activist Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes, musician of the band Prayers, held their wedding ceremony for close friends and family on June 2, 2018. Married on paper earlier this year in February, the also expecting couple left no lavish idea unconsidered in designing a wedding true to the gothic personal styles they are famous for.

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Image: Courtesy of IG @thekatvond

Here are the highlights of the stunningly dark wedding of Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes, courtesy of Kat Von D and key insiders’ Instagrams. “En vida y en muerte.”  

The Decor

Floating candlesticks, realistic (or real?) skull centrepieces, rosary beads, and red roses and tableware—much of the red wedding came from the frightening imagination of Kat and Rafael, but to help it all come to life was wedding planner Michele Fox Gott. Now you know who to hire to do your eccentric nontraditional wedding.

The Wedding Dress

The bride wore red. Designed by Majesty Black, who has dressed the likes of Madonna and Kat Von D on other occasions, Kat Von D's red wedding dress was a bespoke creation, with long flared sleeves and a ruffled Victorian collar, that was also tailored to her baby bump. The bride paired the look with a crown of horns, also the works of Majesty Black, while the dramatic red lace veil was designed separately by LA-based Adolfo Sanchez.

The Groom’s Outfit

Normally, we don’t talk about what the groom wore, but this isn’t one of those times. Also created by Majesty Black, Rafael’s black charro-inspired suit was a huge nod to the musician’s Mexican heritage. The cool groom paired the look with a custom-made veil and hat combo—yes, the groom wore a veil as well!—and, of course, his signature dark shades.  Scroll through the Instagram carousel above for a video on the creative process of the groom's wicked look.

The Gift For the Guests

Being invited to Kat Von D’s epic red wedding is fortune enough, but being gifted a one-of-a-kind, customised piece of Kat Von D makeup at the ceremony—we would have died and gone to goth heaven. The critically acclaimed Kat Von D beauty team developed an exclusive black lipstick flecked with gold (not to be sold anywhere) as totally on-brand keepsakes for this memorable matrimony. 

The Cake


Kat Von D had an impressive red velvet “Castle Cake” at her wedding. Like this writer, it stood five feet tall and was, of course, vegan, like the couple. Instead of topping this pointy wedding cake with the usual bride and groom figurines—which makes no sense in this occasion anyway—Kat Von D had footage of her and Rafael waving and blowing kisses projected onto the entranceway of the cake castle. #loveisinthedetails

The Vows

Kat and Rafael took their vows on a raised circlular platform in the middle of the room, giving guests a unique surround view of their precious, or in Kat’s words “most spiritually bonding” moment. Eye locked, hands held, the couple could not hold back tears as they said their eternal I dos. “En vida y en muerte.”  

The Bride’s Song


Overflowing with passionate amour, the bride wanted to sing her husband their song (Into My Arms by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) at their wedding. She got up to her spot on the red grand piano (lent by Yahama Music USA) but after the first verse as her husband started walking toward her, she apparently “lost it”. Luckily, her beloved was right there to catch her IN HIS ARMS. OMG. 

The Secret Honeymoon

After the wedding, the couple enjoyed some alone time in an undisclosed but presumably romantic location. What we know about the honeymoon is that the lovebirds spent a fair among of time in nature, ate delicious vegan food, took romantic baths and read books—this according to Kat Von D on her IG.

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