In celebration of Omega’s unrivalled legacy, including the Speedmaster’s role in space exploration, Thailand Tatler meets with some of the brand’s biggest fans. Martin Hoontrakul, Yarnikar Thienthong, Auntharos Liptapanlop and Peerapa Sittinawawit Chirathivat talk about success, luxury and their longstanding fascination with the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

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Martin Hoontrakul

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Martin with his Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon “Meteorite”

Martin Hoontrakul, furniture and lighting director at AvroKO design firm, has long had a passion for design. “The best thing about my career is the creative aspect—how every day I get to try and make something out of nothing,” shares the 42-year-old. The design maven also has a love for tinkering with things. “Watches are one of my hobbies. Due to my curious nature, I enjoy taking them apart and putting them back together—sometimes successfully, sometimes not,” he laughs. 

Martin came across his first Omega, a vintage Flightmaster, at a local flea market. “It was really the style that struck me first—it was funky and bold at the same time, and the technicality of the watch itself was amazing,” he shares. It was an impulsive buy, one that triggered a fascination with classic Omegas that has lasted 15 years and shows no signs of waning. “I have acquired new designs along the way, but it’s the old ones—the unique shapes, solid steel cases, crisp edges and manly boldness—that I’m most attached to.”

Yarnikar Thienthong

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Yarnikar shows off her Seamaster +R Moonwatch Black Black

“I don’t really consider myself a city girl—it’s big trees and lush open spaces that put me in a happy mood,” smiles Yarnikar Thienthong. The 34-year-old’s fondness for nature led to the creation of a business, 1Thunwa Farm in Sa Kaeo province, which grows grade A fruits and mainly exports to big clients in China and Japan. Splitting her time between Sa Kaeo and Bangkok, as her seven-year-old twin boy and girl have both started school, Yarnikar thinks it’s important to enjoy the smallest things in life. “To me, success is when everything feels just right,” she says. “When I get time off from work, my days are usually dedicated to either my family or exercising,” she tells us.

A longstanding fan of Omega, Yarnikar shares that her attraction to the brand is its durability, especially for athletes like herself. “It may be the strongest watch in the world—after all, it was chosen by NASA to be worn on the moon,” she laughs. “And apart from its sleek design, I love how it can really be a part of my daily life and not just a piece of statement jewellery.”

Auntharos Liptapanlop

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Auntharos sporting the Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

Australia-educated, with degrees in industrial design and construction management, Auntharos Liptapanlop believes that success starts with our ability to master work-life balance. “It’s a waste if you’re a billionaire but can’t maintain good relationships with your friends and family,” he explains. The 30-year-old, who has the label ‘yard manager’ written onto the doors of his office at the family-owned Prayoonwitt construction company, gives his all during office hours, but also keeps time spare so that he can indulge his personal passions. Some of his pastimes include drawing, playing the guitar and sports. “Golfing has been a serious hobby of mine for a while now. One of my dreams is to open a sports performance training centre specialising in golf,” he says.

For the young gent, luxury is not merely about the price tag. “I find more value in timelessness. With wristwatches, for instance, I pay more attention to the materials used, because quality is the very essence of good design for me. Omega has an appealing sense of sportiness and robustness—its watches have an incredibly handsome flair. If I were to compare an Omega watch to a car, it would be an Aston Martin,” he smiles.

Peerapa Sittinawawit Chirathivat

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Peerapa wears Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M ladies’ collection

As a young girl, Peerapa Sittinawawit Chirathivat’s greatest aspiration was to become an artist. “Drawing makes me feel tranquil. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I don’t get to draw as much anymore,” she says. The hospitality and MBA graduate is now a partner at Cath Kidston Thailand, which sells modern vintage fashions at around 35 branches around the country, as well as the owner of a clothing brand, Piper, that allows her to let loose her artistic side. Another top priority in her life right now is her one-year-old daughter, Natprapat. “I have great respect for working women. What is also important to me is to genuinely love what you commit yourself to and never force yourself to do anything that doesn’t make you happy,” says the ravishing 33-year-old mother. 

With a fashion label of her own, we ask her to describe her style. “I think it naturally changes as you get older. Currently, I’m all about delicate silhouettes and softer hues,” she tells us. But when it comes to selecting her timepieces, Peerapa prefers sleek ones that can be easily and tastefully matched with day-to-night ensembles. “Omega is a timeless brand that I’ve felt connected to since I was young,” she shares. “On special occasions, I often opt for a more feminine design to glam up my look.”


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