As one of the most successful football players of all time, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a global style icon, David Beckham embodies the values that Tudor holds dear. The brand’s latest campaign “Born To Dare” brings to the forefront this distinct spirit and attitude, as reflected by the vision of founder Hans Wilsdorf, who made Tudor watches to withstand the most extreme conditions.

This daring approach to life was already evident early on in Beckham’s childhood. Whenever asked about what he would want to be in life, he invariably answered “a football player.” This drive led him to achieve great heights in his career: six England Championship titles, two Major League Soccer cups, one time Champion of Spain, and one time UEFA Champion. His style of play even has a brand: “Bend it like Beckham.”


Throughout his professional career, he reinvented himself at every turn and never took anything for granted. While he retired from sports, he continues to inspire by involving himself in philanthropic activities that focus on the protection and welfare of children worldwide through UNICEF.

Outside of what he is most known for, Beckham has also made a name in the world of style as he’s flaunts his taste for finer things. “Especially as an Englishman I think you really appreciate a nice suit and a nice watch. They go very well together,” he said.

Photos: courtesy of tudorwatch.com/born-to-dare

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