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The Tiffany & Co Tiffany Metro is exactly what its name suggests. The women's watch boasts a clean and modern design with an uncluttered dial, hence the name "Metro". And to link back to its jewellery-making roots and the Tiffany connection, each piece comes with a round, serialised diamond on its crown—this makes every watch even more personal to the wearer.

“Our horological history began in Geneva, Switzerland in 1847, and today we continue this tradition of craftsmanship by introducing the Tiffany Metro timepiece—its beauty lies in the superlative pedigree of Tiffany diamonds,” said Nicola Andreatta, vice president and general manager of the brand's watch division.

What's interesting for the Tiffany Metro, besides the serialised diamond crown is its asymmetrical case and bracelet. The case is inspired by a Patek Tiffany watch from the 19th century; the original has a seconds counter at 6 o'clock, which is also reflected on the dial of the Tiffany Metro. The curvilinear form of the bracelet takes reference from the brand's Blue Book. It had previously designed jewellery bracelets sporting the same wave-like silhouette. Of course, the dynamic design of the watch is also a reference to the pace and energy of New York City, a city that is synonymous with and very close to the jeweller. 

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To make the watch more wearable and versatile for the modern woman, Tiffany & Co is releasing the watch in several colourways and interpretations. The pieces come in stainless steel or rose gold with some more bejewelled than the others. Two pieces—one with a pastel blue dial and dark blue leather strap, and the other with a burgundy dial with matching leather strap—stand out the most. The Tiffany Metro is either quartz-powered or automatic. 

Whether it's for a formal gala dinner or a lazy weekend lounging at the café with your BFFs, the Tiffany Metro is the watch de rigeuer. Here, we put together three ways to carry off the Tiffany Metro in the most stylish and chicest manner possible. 

Model wears Tiffany Metro 34mm watch in stainless steel with diamonds, and Tiffany T Two hinged bangle in 18k white gold with diamonds. Outfit: Moncler

Sporty Elegance

Athletic or sporty-inspired threads tend to feature bold prints or bright colours. Pair your outfit with the stainless steel version of the Tiffany Metro complemented with classic white gold jewellery—think the Tiffany T two-hinged bangle or the Tiffany T square bracelet.  

Model wears Tiffany Metro 34mm watch in rose gold with diamonds, Tiffany T square bracelet, Tiffany T hinged wrap bracelet,  Tiffany T Two hinged bangle, and Tiffany HardWear Graduated Link Necklace. Outfit: Iris & Ink

Work Chic

When it comes to workwear, it's always good to keep it clean and classic. The same theory applies to watches and jewellery too. Opt for a more sober-looking Tiffany Metro with a rose gold case and brown leather strap. Up the style factor with matching wrist candies like the Tiffany T square bracelet, the Tiffany T Two hinged wrap bracelet and the Tiffany T hinged bracelet. A little gilded heft around the neck also adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. 

Model wears Tiffany Metro 28mm watch in rose gold and diamonds, and Tiffany HardWear Ball Dangle Ring. Outfit: Calvin Klein & Givenchy

Weekend Casual

The weekend is here! Forget corporate wear and bring out the colours in the wardrobe. The Tiffany Metro is perfect for colour matching since it comes in various hues. A burgundy dial with a matching leather strap to go with a maroon pullover? It's a much easier decision to make than choosing between champagne brunch and high tea buffet. 

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