Forget minimalism and monochronism, says Swarovski this season. Let's embrace colours again!


Luminous Fairy Necklace from the Rainbow Paradise collection by Nathalie Colin

For this spring-summer season, creative director Nathalie Colin decided to not just play around with fun and beautiful hues for crystals but also explore the range of emotions different colours elicit. You see, the blending of crystal and colours is magic just waiting to happening. The ways crystals can be cut and their reflective qualities have the ability to enhance the appearance of colours. 


Luminous Fairy Ring from the Rainbow Paradise collection by Nathalie Colin

As this sort of alludes to how this collection was concieved, you can imagine that the process of creating the final looks was experimental and enlightening, starting from a blank canvas and ending up with a magnificent collection of wearable rainbows.  Hence the name "Rainbow Paradise". 

But "Rainbow Paradise" isn't just worthy of marvel because of its colour play. A significant portion of the merit derives from the stylish architecture of each of the pieces. Indeed not all pieces in the collection are bombastically colourful. Others rely more on clever geometry and stone setting. Swarovski plays with concepts like symmetry/asymmetry, depth and volume to give sophistication to what would have otherwise just been a colourful jewellery collection. 





See the collection online here or visit for more jewellery. 

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