edit_H 219 copy 2.jpg(source)The Chinese New Year is a season that goes all out in dedication to prosperity and abundance for the coming new year, marked by grand feasts, brand new clothing, red packets of money, and not forgetting, gold jewellery.

Highly symbolic to the occasion, the buying and gifting of gold jewellery is a major tradition. Wearing gold in symbolic shapes is believed to welcome good luck and wealth, and a common practice is to wear a pendant or engraved piece with the brand new Chinese zodiac. This year, you’re looking at gold jewellery adorned with the rooster, an animal representing fidelity, punctuality and good nature.

Regardless whether you’re searching for the perfect gold gift or accessory to celebrate the season, there’s bound to be one among these various collections that catches your eye. 


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A culmination of gold and colour, DeGem’s collection features vibrant and adorable rooster and hen pieces with sparkling stones. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires dazzle to life in creative designs symbolically named ‘prosperous hen,’ ‘bird of love’ and ‘curious chick.’ 

 Habib edit HABIB CNY Mood_1.jpg(source)Taking on a distinctly vintage image, Habib presents their classy pieces in the 916 gold pendant series with bracelets, charms and pendants featuring the rooster, mystic knot, Chinese gold coins and Chinese gourd, to name a few. Shoppers stand a chance to win an Auspicious Ang Pow worth up to RM1,000,000 during the promotion period. Visit habibjewels.com for more information. 

 Poh Kong edit Auspicious Golden Charm Series 吉祥 Charm金吊饰系列.jpg(source)Meanwhile, Poh Kong goes the whole nine yards with their 2017 Auspicious Collection, tinged with rooster as well as feng shui elements. Several series aim to please jewellery aficionados of all ages: the Golden Delights offers dainty lucky charms, the Prosperity Pixiu pays tribute to mythical creatures and the Auspicious rooster features quirky rooster characters. 

 SK Jewellery edit YB333-B.jpg(source)Putting a fun spin into festive jewellery gifting, SK Jewellery suggests replacing money with a 999 Pure Gold Angpow collection of gold bars and coins, and an array of cute, collectible pendants and bracelets, including a collection of Chinese zodiac charms. 

 Lukfook Untitled design (7).jpg(source)The newly opened jewellery retail brand in Malaysia presents a collection that’s every bit elaborate as the season’s traditions. A play on gold cutouts ranging from earrings, pendants and even hairpins for the mature ladies, and quirky red and gold pendants for the younger ones, the Beloved collection enhances feminine beauty. 

Jewellery brands are taking on an ethical stance in fairmined jewellery. This luxury brand is setting a golden example. 

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