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This past November, contemporary Thai jewellery brand Der Mond hosted “An Afternoon with Der Mond" event at The Athénée Hotel Bangkok to mark its firm presence in the market and also reveal its first collection for 2019.

The Firework Collection, a line of high jewellery that will make you clutch your pearls, blends precious coloured gems with diamonds and pearl shell, radiating femininity in a playful manner. As the brand believes strongly that jewellery should not be kept unseen in your safe but brought out into your quotidien, the collection was designed to suit all occasions despite a bedazzling theme and the precious stones. 

Let's get into view for Der Mond's Firework Collection of 2019.  

 Firework With Trinity Gemstone

Firework - Trinity Gemstone+.jpg

The Trinity is a perfected blend of bright pink sapphire, deep blue sapphire and glamourous green emerald—colours that shine bright in the night skies during festivities. With the Trinity Gemstone design decorated around your décolletage, even a sky full of sparkles cannot take the attention away from you.

 Firework With White Mother-Of-Pearl With Blue Sapphire PendantFirework with White MOP and Blue Sapphire Pendant+.jpg

This elegant diamante pendant featuring pearl shells, sapphires and diamonds on 18K white gold won't fail in catching the eyes of passersby, though in a very modest manner. Paired with deep sea-blue sapphires, this piece is a memento of our beautiful oceans.  

 Firework With White Mother-Of-Pearl With Blue Sapphire EarringsFirework with White MOP and Blue Sapphire Pendant+.jpg

Pair the previous piece with the matching earring set, or opt for just the earrings on a casual night out for a little extra glam around your face.

 Firework Sapphire RingFirework-Sapphire-Ring+.jpg

Coronate your finger with this combination of 1.56 carat sapphires and 0.18 carat round diamonds on 18K white gold. 

Firework With Tahiti Mother-Of-Pearl With Pink Sapphire Pendant

 Firework with Tahiti MOP and Pink sapphire Pendant+.jpg

In this pendant, the rare Tahitian black pearl's stunningly dark iridescence is balanced by diamonds and pink gold and complemented by bright pink sapphires for harmonious juxtaposition. Again there is a matching earring set for—see next slide.

 Firework With Tahiti Mother-Of-Pearl With Pink Sapphire EarringsFirework with Tahiti MOP and Pink sapphire Earring+.jpg

An alternative colour mood from the white mother-of-pearl and blue sapphire earrings in this collection, the Tahitian mother-of-pearl and pink sapphire variation offers a burst of feminity with its outgoing colours, including the pink gold base.   

For more information, visit Der Mond boutiques at Siam Paragon, Seacon Square and Central Pattaya, and check out

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