Jumeirah Vitavelli will introduce the first ice skating rink in the Maldives (Photo: Courtesy of Jumeirah Vitavelli)

Christmas is a perfect opportunity to escape the cold weather for somewhere warm and tropical, like the Maldives. But thanks to Jumeirah Vitavelli, that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up a white Christmas
Jumeirah Vittavelli, a five-star resort in the Maldives, will be introducing the destination’s first ever ice skating rink this Christmas. Situated right on the shores of its private island resort, the holiday season special will deliver a truly magical experience that’s never been seen before. 

From the white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, guests will be able to walk just a few steps to glide along on a fully functioning ice skating rink.


Photo: Courtesy of Jumeirah Vitavelli

As always, Jumeirah Vittaveli puts the environment first and has built the ice skating rink in partnership with Glice, a company that manufactures artificial ice plates. Unlike conventional ice skating rinks, Glice uses a creates synthetic ice rinks that function entirely without water and at a zero-energy level.

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“The ice rink is a perfect expression of our goal to always wow guests. We have many guests who keep coming back to us and I often hear that one of the reasons for their returns is that they love to be surprised by our updates and developments each time they come," General Manager Amit Majumder said in a statement. "Apart from the ice rink, we have some exciting changes in our rooms and dining outlets upcoming, which we will announce in the near future.”


The ice skating rink at JumeirahVitavelli will be unveiled shortly before Christmas. Find out more on jumeirah.com.

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