Warm up with hot cocoa. Rainy days may seem like a bummer, but the upside is we get a short spell of lower temperatures in Bangkok. What this means is it’s now prime time to catch up on all those enticing hot drinks you’ve seen on Instagram but never got around to ordering because, at the usual 31 degrees weather, iced options always seemed more reasonable. Top on your list should be Chu’s hot chocolate— there's actually an entire page on their menu dedicated to it here. Creamy, rich and velvety, Chu’s hot choc is hands down the best around. The American marshmallow hot chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallows, is basically what dreams are made of.

Rocket Coffeebar S12

Get brunch with your cocoa. When it’s pouring out, the best thing to do is find a good brunch spot where you can enjoyably while away a couple of hours. Rocket Coffeebar S12 on Sathorn Soi 12 is one of the spots in Bangkok’s trendy brunch scene that invites a long sit. Enjoy a classic eggs benny or some of their popular waffles or salmon breakfast dishes. The hot chocolate here is pretty good too—the DIY Hot Cacao comes with an extra dark chocolate ‘popsicle’ stick, which you dip into creamy steamed milk, topping it off with the little shot-glass of whipped cream that comes in the set.


Stay fit. Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean you should give up on your fitness goals, even though it sounds like the ideal excuse to just stay in bed all day. You might have to postpone your morning jogs at Lumphini Park, but there are still plenty of other indoor fitness options for you to stay in shape. TRIBE’s rhythm cycling classes let you ride to great beats—the kind of music you’d actually enjoy dancing to at the club—letting you burn up to 800 calories in just 45 minutes of intense spinning. Everyone gets an exercise bike and proper cycling shoes complete with toe-clips, so you don’t have to worry about packing any exercise equipment with you in the rain. The trainers here are cool and playlist is also great!

Absolute You

Yoga works too. For those who prefer more meditative forms of getting in shape, shake off the rainy-day laziness by going for a yoga sesh at Absolute You.  Absolute You is one of the OG fitness franchises in Bangkok popular for not just yoga, but pilates, dance and recently even rhythm cycling. You can find levels in each type of class, from beginning to advanced, in all 14 studios around town. So what are you waiting for? Find the nearest one to you and drop in on one of the classes!  

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Get educated and inspired. MOCA is Thailand’s largest private museum, with the biggest collection of modern art available for public viewing. Take your SO out on a date, go with a group of friends or just enjoy solo,  the plethora of artwork is enough to keep you occupied for a good couple of hours. Expect a blend of local styles, conceptual pieces and a twist of surrealism, as well as work based on religious motifs. There's a lot you can learn about local culture and ideals in addition appeasing your senses. The building itself is also full of great aesthetics you can spend time admiring.

Bangkok Screening Room

See a movie—but not in the malls. Because you know the mainstream theaters will be packed full of people on rainy days. As far as private cinemas go, Bangkok Screening Room is the perfect blend of indie and top-quality, screening cult favourites from all across the globe—including the work of local talents such as Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit—with topnotch surround sound. The theatres are small and cosy, and there’s a neat bar just outside to get a couple of drinks pre/post-movie. Check the official website to see what's on and for showtimes. 

ABC Cooking Studio

Bake. Baking during rainy days can be such a relaxing and fun experience. As an added bonus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts as well! ABC Cooking Studio offers courses in Japanese cuisine, bread making and baking—which includes cakes, as well as traditional Japanese confectionery. There are also classes especially for kids from five to 10 years old, so you won’t have to worry about your kids/siblings having nothing to do during the rainy season. While the Japanese cooking studio mainly offers course packages—ranging from six to twelve classes—you can book a one-time trial lesson for 1000THB.

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