01122820-w-maldives_resized_1920x822.jpgIt was close to midnight when we arrived at W Maldives after a one-hour speed boat ride from Malé (the capital city of the Republic of Maldives). With the sea as flat as glass, and the cool breeze blowing in my face, I was completely lulled to sleep.

01122823-w-maldives-3_resized_1440x1920.jpgSlowly opening my eyes as we drifted to shore, I saw that everything was veiled in darkness except for the golden glow emanating from the lighted web-like pathways leading to the resort’s villas. Known for serving up a luxe contemporary lifestyle experience, friendly staff and highly personalised service, W Hotels and Resorts around the world never fail to make an impression. Acquainting me with my villa amenities upon check in, the butler seemed to read my mind and inquired if I was hungry for a snack after the long journey. Voila! A tray of delightful mini salmon sandwiches, vegetable wraps, and pretty sweets tied with bright fuchsia ribbons awaited on the coffee table.

01122822-w-maldives-1_resized_1920x1080.jpgI stepped out onto the deck the following morning and was astounded by the magnificent sight before me—my Over-Water Villa seemed to float in the middle of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by miles and miles of crystal clear blue water as far as my eyes could see. I had arrived in paradise.

01122820-w-maldives-2_resized_1920x1080.jpgWelcome to W Maldives! This luxury tropical playground, boasting one of the archipelago’s best house reefs, features 77 villas (each with a private sundeck and plunge pool); six gourmet restaurants (from casual feet-in-the sand dining to epicurean evenings under-the-stars) and bars (from chill days with my favourite Domaines Ott rosé to frozen mojitos at sunset).

26678645_10156073718890421_1206099226586615302_o.jpgPlus, the ultimate escape within an escape: the Away Spa, designed for pampering and detoxing after the previous day’s and night’s indulgence. No exaggerating, the Udvarthanam, an ayurvedic full body massage using a special herb and clay balm, has got to be one of the best massages I’ve ever had! After this blissful therapy, I felt completely invigourated, recharged, and ready to face the flight back to reality.