Have you always wanted to live like royalty? Well, your day has come! Did you know that you can actually use royal residences and the homes of notable families around Europe for your priavte soirées? Indulge yourselves and live out your fairy tale. You can rent out many palaces, castles, chateaus and private estates as a venue for your dream come true event -- these are 6 of our top picks! From launch parties, fantasy weddings, anniversaries to galas and balls, any of these otherworldly locations will transport everyone into another era  making you and your guests feel oh so very special.

Sandringham Estate, England

You can now vacation like the British monarchs do. Rent cottages at the Queen’s private country house in Sandringham, choose between Garden House or the Granary. Stroll the vast grounds (8,000 hectares to be exact) and enjoy the wildlife, agriculture farms and gorgeously maintained gardens, which take up 24 acres.

The Orangery in Kensington Palace, England

Located in the royal residence of Kensington Palace, you can rent out The Orangery at the Kensington Gardens for a once in a lifetime event. This ornately decorated, high-ceilinged restaurant with 18th century architecture used to be a location for royal court entertainment.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Dating back to 1228, Ashford Castle has been home to Royalty, the famed Guinness family and to other notable families before becoming a world-renowned hotel. Reserve spaces at Ashford for an absolutely photo perfect event and get ready for memories that will last a lifetime. 

Chateau de Mirambeau, France 

This stunning renaissance castle has been around since the 11th century and is located on beautiful lush grounds. It has been a residence for French royalty, survived wars, destruction, renovation and is currently a top-notch hotel. Stay at and rent out this breathtaking relic of the past for your future endeavors!

Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, France

This 17th century, approximately 500 hectare, jewel box has many locations that are available for your parties. There are several intricate salons, formal gardens, dining halls and libraries within the castle for you to choose from. Enjoy the decadent décor and baroque architecture while entertaining your guests.

Castle Wasserburg in Salzburg, Austria

This baroque castle dates back to the 12th century and is located near vineyards, quaint towns, historic sights and other gorgeous castle grounds. Rent out the castle and enjoy picturesque gardens, outdoor activities like tennis, horseback riding, bike tours, boating, fishing… you can even ski if you take a short drive away form the castle grounds.


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