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Like eating or sightseeing more than running? Then this may be the perfect "marathon" for you. 

Presented by AirAsia, the Kilorun 2018 is a new running event for foodies and travel lovers especially, giving participants the chance to win medals for sightseeing and even gaining weight! Wait, what? Here's how it works:

The Kilorun is split into 4 phases by locations: Bangkok, Bali, Osaka and Hanoi. 

Then there are two options you can apply to compete in: Kilo as in kilogram (kg) or kilo as in kilometer (km). 


If you're applying for the Kilogram option, you're probably a big foodie. In this version of the race, participants will embark on a walk/run route that will take them through the best selection of local eateries. "Runners" will be put to the ultimate gastonomical challenge of  consuming a string of premium delicacies in each phase of the entire game. By the end of the "run", whoever managers to gain their intitially pledged weight (minimum half a kilogram) will receive a special medal! The admission fee for this competition is 850 baht per person. 


Not interested in gaining weight for a prize? The Kilorun also has your typical run and sweat charade but adds a fun twist of sightseeing to your efforts. After you choose a running distance out of three options—"Kids Run" at 2.6km, "Fun Run" at 5.8km or the "Mini Marathon", which is 10.8km—, in each of the phases you will follow a designated track that'll take you through the city's most iconic attractions. In other words, you'll touring Bangkok, Bali, Osaka and Hanoi and killing the calories while you're at it! The entrance for this race is 300, 550 or 650 baht per person depending on the distance selected. 

The Bangkok round will be held on March 24-25. Here's a sneak preview of the route:

bangkok route map.jpg

For more information on the event, routes and regulations, and to get your tickets, visit Also visit the official event Facebook and Instagram.