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As we recently rang in the Chinese new year, many of us are still not over celebrating such a unique Asian culture. Filled with meaningful traditions that have lasted for generations, China is also home to some of the most impressive innovations in the world, one of which is modern architecture.  Constantly exceeding expectations, the Mainland continues to blow us away with breathtaking design, so here are five of our favourite contemporary buildings in China that remind us that we don’t have to fly too far to see marvelous sights.

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Tianjin Binhai Library

Nicknamed ‘The Eye’, Binhai Cultural Center’s latest section is truly out of this world. Boasting white-washed futuristic design and organic book-filled contours, the space is nothing short of breathtaking. What really blows us away though is the glowing eye-shaped atrium that dominates the space’s aesthetic from outside and within. Dubbed China’s most beautiful library, this place is a must on your itinerary. Don't forget to also enjoy the wide array of titles while you're appreciating the visuals of this space. 

Harbin Opera House

Who said Sydney’s the only place with a cool opera house? A sculptural masterpiece that blends into the horizons of Harbin, the Harbin Opera House rises majestically from the wetlands. Billowy and regal, the building makes the perfect addition to Harbin the Ice City as well as your feed.

Huangshan Mountain Village

Built with the aim of co-existing with nature instead of changing it, the Huangshan Mountain Village is a spectacular set of towers that blend into the Unesco heritage tiered landscape. With all 108 floors a different shape of organic curves, the beautiful structure is based on the existing mountain range’s geometry, giving it an ethereal appearance of extending from the mountains. Enchantingly beautiful, the towers look like they were sculpted by wind and water themselves.

Beijing Galaxy SOHO

A combination of offices and retail spaces, Beijing’s Galaxy SOHO is a stunning landmark in Beijing’s city-scape, composed of swirling egg-shaped volumes. Full of organic curves, the entire space is fluid and completely devoid of corners or abrupt breaks, with different volumes continuously flowing and blending into one-another in all directions. All round outerworldly, every angle of this building makes an interesting Instagram snap. 

Beijing National Stadium

And of course, let’s not forget the time China hosted the Olympics back in 2008 and stunned the world with this gigantic bird-nest shaped stadium. Though intricate and inexplicably complex, the intersecting facade so reminiscent of a bird's nest is actually all structural, with each element built under very specific dimensions, following the popular Chinese style of creating something seemingly irregular and chaotic but with very clear rules underneath. Simply put, it's an architectural miracle to behold. 

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