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Admit it—three months into 2018, you're already in need of some serious R&R. Therapeutic and healing, hot-springs are an excellent way to rejuvenate and give you your much needed energy boost. Here we’ve gathered some of the best and most breathtaking from around the world to help freshen up your body and soul. Start planning your hot spring retreat!

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Therme Vals, Switzerland

A completely immersive sensory experience, the Therme Vals sits atop the only thermal springs in Switzerland’s Graubunden Canton with quarry-like majeste. The interior offers a mystical atmosphere beneath glass roofing half-submerged into the hillside. Designed for visitors to fully indulge the mind and body, the space guides visitors on a journey of self-restoration. Lose yourself in the tranquility as you explore the various baths, from the Ice Pool at 14 degrees celcius to the Blossom Pool at 33. There are also a series of spa treatments you can opt for if you’re in need of more than a dip.

 Blue Lagoon, Iceland

One of the 25 wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoon is a must if you ever visit Iceland. With warm waters rich in silica and sulfur, the springs are said to be extremely healing for those suffering from skin ailments. The Blue Lagoon also has a set of sauna and steam rooms, as well as a therapeutic man-made waterfall. The main reason you should go though is for the absolutely stunning opaque pastel waters. Also, as the complimentary white silica masks are highly popular, don't forget to take a masking selfie and let all your friends know you really made it there. 

 Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is Turkish for ‘cotton castle’, and that’s exactly what the Pamukkale looks like. Crystal clear pools of warm water hang on stunning white travertine terraces like a frozen waterfall, set in the midst of Turkey’s scenic southwest. Surreal and breathtaking, the pools are most beautiful during the winter when the terraces freeze to resemble cotton—a truly spectacular natural phenomenon.

Aqua Dome, Austria

A must for those who love futuristic vibes, the Aqua Dome takes mineral water from over 6,000 feet underground for guests to enjoy through three stunning floating pools. Flanked by stunning mountain-side views, the pools rise up in a resplendent structure seemingly from another time. The option for moonlight bathing on Fridays makes it even better, especially for couples looking for a romantic detoxifying getaway.

Kurokawa Onsen, Japan

Of course, the hot-spring craze in Bangkok was really influenced by  onsens in Japan, and one of the prettiest is the Kurokawa Onsen found on Kyushu island. With 24 baths, explore the various different pools that come in all sorts of special locations such as caves, bamboo or even right next to snowy riverbanks.

 Bonus: Maruia Hot Springs, New Zealand

When it comes to natural wonders, NZ never falls short. One of the nation's most beautiful and relaxing hot springs is Maruia. Sauna and bathe in the natural mineral-filled steaming waters, soaking up the calming rivers and mountains all around you. And when the temptation becomes too strong to resist, those hiking trails are ready to be explored. 

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