Hey wanderlusts, make sure to tick off some of these picturesque spots from your checklists! These vibrant travel destinations will definitely help up your social media game by adding an eye-catching pop of colour to that Instagram feed of yours. On top of being surrounded by the beauty of some of our world's most breathtaking natural occurrences, you will also be able to immerse yourselves in interesting cultures, indulge in tasty delicacies, and broaden your perspectives. Click through and start planning your next trip!


1. Lavender fields of Provence

11181317-lavender_resized_1920x1280.jpgFeast your eyes on swaths of deep purple as the Lavender fields of Provence come into full bloom. You will be hypnotized by the strong, fragrant air that is filled with Lavender essence as you drive through these Provençal neighborhoods during the summer months.


2. Lake Hiller, AustraliaLake Hiller.png

Who wants to visit a bubblegum pink coloured lake? Sign us up! These unique lakes can be found around Australia and in other countries for that matter – but, Lake Hiller is probably the most famous. The water is really something out of a storybook. Its bright pink color and high salt content comes from organisms native to the area – namely Duniella Salina, a type of red algae. One of the best ways to view the lake is aerially via helicopter tour of the area. If you are able to hike and make your way to the lake, you can totally jump in!


3. Marble caves, ChileMarble Cave.jpg

In Chile’s largest glacial lakes, you will find the Marble Caves of Patagonia, whose walls are covered in shades of stunning blues. The stripes of blue look just like paint swirls, but have all occurred naturally over time as waves washed up on the calcium carbonate, eroding and colouring the stone. Take a boat or kayak into the caves for some gorgeous views.


4. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellow StoneGrand Prismatic.jpg

This huge hot spring sports colours of the rainbow on its banks, making it a popular tourist destination. Where do these colours come from? From bacteria native to the area, strangely enough! It is quite extraordinary as it is also massive – deeper than a 10-story building, for that matter! Extremely hot water travels 121 feet from a crack in the Earth to reach the surface of the spring (Yellow Stone Park). The center of the spring is a vivid turquoise blue that is equally as beautiful.


5. Chefchouen, MoroccoMorocco.jpg

This mountain side spot has become famous for its glorious blue hue and stunning views. The city is totally painted in a variety of blues and shades of white which makes it seem as if it is glowing. It is quite a captivating sight! This blue city’s name, Chefchouen, actually translates to Blue Pearl.


6. The Wave, Coyote Buttes, ArizonaPeru.jpg

The stone in this area of Arizona is quite stunning as it mimics the organic movement of ocean waves, thus its name. There are delicate and widespread patterns on the stones surface that create a lot of depth and perspective, created from years of windblown and water movements.


7. Northern LightsNorthern Light.jpg

To feel like you entered into another dimension, realm or universe altogether, then plan a trip to Iceland or Norway to see the Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights. These vividly and delicately moving streaks of light will mesmerize and totally captivate you. Some say its magic, some love it as a scientific and natural wonder, and many admire the folkloric allure attached to these lights. Either way, it is a sight worth seeing! 


8. Cinque Terre, ItalyCinque Terrre.jpg

Visit the beautiful sea side town of Cinque Terre, filled with brightly painted homes, panoramic views and steep winding streets. Let the laid-back charm sweep you off your feet as you enjoy some crisp white wine and delicious Italian faire on the Riviera.


9. Rainbow mountain, PeruPeru.jpg

If you are up to the challenge, take around a 6-day trek to visit the Rainbow Mountains of Peru. Different layers of the earth have become exposed to show these pigmented sediment layers which contain varied mineral levels.


10. Hokkaido flower fields, JapanHokkaido.jpg

In Hokkaido you can expect to see stunning, post card worthy fields of lush flora and fauna. Make sure to visit Shikisai-no-oka, which means 'colors of the four seasons hill'. This area is near the town of Biei, and is a seven-hectare flower garden. Visit between Spring and Fall in order to see the most flowers! However in the Winter months, the area is not put to sleep as it transforms into a snowy playground! There are a variety of activities, from sledding, riding snow mobiles or even, banana boating (yes, in the snow)!


11. Spiaggia Rosa, Italyspiaggia rosa.jpg

In the north of Sardinia, you can find Spiaggia Rosa on, Budelli Island. This unique beach is blessed with blush pink sand! How did this beach become pink? Red corals had been pummeled naturally by the seas and overtime had mixed into the sand creating this picturesque destination.


12. Burano Veniceburano.jpg

All visitors of Burano remain intrigued by the many colours and the colorful houses that are reflected into the green waters of channels. Nearly all buildings are painting rich, bold colors. In fact the colors of the houses are planned by the government and thus if you want to paint your house, you need to send in an official request. Some say that the homes were originally painted so vividly in order to help fishermen spot them from distances. The town is known for intricate and delicate lacework and some exquisite fresh fish dishes.