Wrapping up just in time for the holidays, our first-ever television series, Thailand Tatler Heroes, will be airing the final episode on Saturday, Dec. 24. For our last foray, we take society and event regulars Oak Vanarat Akarat, Korn Narongdej, Pau Sikanya Bhanubandh, and Kwang Khunnicha Phornprapha on a visit to the School of Rice and Farmers in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok.

Under the commission of Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the school serves as a learning and R&D centre for the advancement of rice businesses and farmers in the country. As we know, rice farmers are considered the proprietors in contributing to our national and global food supply. And it goes without saying that it’s not one easy job. With the recent rice crisis, we wanted to take a step back and remind people the history, cultural contribution, and importance our rice farmers have given us as a country.

To experience the process first hand, our celebrities spent the day learning the ropes with the school’s staff and veteran farmers. What they’ve got back goes beyond a new-found appreciation of everything needed in order to put the rice on the dinner plate. Find out on the final episode, airing this Saturday, Dec. 24 at 10:40pm on MCOT HD and ModernineTV.

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