With Valentine’s Day looming, talks about love and romance has been taking centre stage. But what makes the day special really differs according to one’s tastes. Some have a soft spot for glamorous surprises, while others prefer a mellow date at home with a good bottle of wine. Five gorgeous society belles tell us what they consider romantic, and not, on Valentine’s Day.

Pitchana Ekachai,  Founder & creative director at Pitchana and public relations manager at Pimplus PR
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“Ideally, it should be one that is filled with love. A surprise delivery of a huge bouquet of red roses first thing in the morning is a must. Dinner should be at a chic restaurant that highlights a cosy atmosphere and delish food. What I deem as utterly unromantic on Valentine’s Day is miscommunication.”

 Nicha Thanalongkorn, Founder & creative director at Nicha

“Romance has always been about spontaneity. It’s not about chocolates, roses or anything else advertised on TV. Romance isn’t about cards, reservations or dinner plans. Romance isn’t just about saying “I love you." But it is rather how you say it: with your eyes, your lips and every passing glance. It’s about the eagerness with which you smile when you see each other, about the warmth and closeness of every hug and about the soft glow you still feel long after you and your love have parted.

Romance is, therefore, about unexpected text messages, half open bottles of wine, the company of friends and sharing intimate moments on an ordinary day. Romance is about loving yourself, and then sharing that love with others, one kiss at a time.

The marketing machine expects you to get dresses, get in line and become just another faceless consumer of product placement propaganda. Or else, be prepared to have nothing to show off to your office mates the next day.”

Natprapa Choonhaven, Columnist and entrepreneur
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“Diamonds, champagne and red roses make Valentine’s Day perfect—they are sexy, yet sophisticated. When a gentleman gives these gifts to a lady, it shows that he had really put effort into it because these are the kinds of things you don’t casually buy for someone. What’s unromantic? Those who don’t even consider how special Valentine’s Day is. To me, it’s not just about love between a man and a woman—it’s love for everyone around us. There should be at least one day that reminds people of the love they can give to others.”

Piyaporn Angubolkul, Creative director at Srithai Superware and fashion designer at Garden Flynow III

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“Doing random acts of kindness that you don't usually get to do together is considered romantic for me. Every once in a while, being surprised by a million roses may be nice, but it’s not really my thing. For me, it’s the little things that matters. Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love!”

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