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Pimdao Sukhahuta tied the knot with sweetheart Pierre-Alexander Darbois over the week. (IG: @pimstarr)

Curious as to what a few of Thailand's top 50 under 40 of 2017 have been doing since the Generation T launch party?  We did some expert prying —i.e. stalked their Instagram accounts—to give you the 411 on their recent activities. Please, appreciate. 

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 Amata Chittasenee

 PearyPie seems to be channel Cersei Lannister with this hairdo on the set of a Mac Comestics shoot but is her outfit saying #teamdaenerys?! (See Amata's Generation T profile here.)

Chudaree Debhakam

Chef Tam's been busy serving up wonderful "Thai Thai" dishes with pride! (See Chudaree's Generation T profile here.)

Kulapat Kanokwatanawan

May of After You's been enjoying the slow life up in Chiang Rai, scouting new inspirations for her ever so popular dessert café. Don’t get too lost café hopping, May. Your loyal dessert fans are waiting for your new menu! (See Kulapat's Generation T profile here.)

Litti Kewkacha

A holiday in the sultry heat of Madrid coupled with scrumptious food created by the three Michelin-star chef, David Muñoz. Why didn't we think of that? (See Litti's Generation T profile here.)

Nattapon Siangsukon

Did you catch DJ Maft Sai's gig selling ecclectic records at the #typethaifestival2 this weekend? "BOOM!"(See Nattapon's Generation T profile here.)

Pachara Marcel Chirathivat

Peach wore an angry expression down the runway at the very recent Elle Fashion Week so we guess Patricia Good wasn't very nearby at the time. (See Pachara's Generation T profile here.)

Patcharapon Tangruen

The world is his canvas! On his mission to mark the world, Alex Face's latest conquest was Khon Kaen, right after Jakarta. (See Patcharapon's Generation T profile here.)

Preerati Bhirombhakdi

Either training to be a superhero or training for Cirque du Soleil. (See Preerati's Generation T profile here.

Pimdao Sukhahuta

What has the Sretsis #girlboss been up to lately? She married her longtime sweetheart Pierre that's what! A major congratulations to the cute and oh-so-stylish couple! (See Pimdao's Generation T profile here.)

Pipat Apiraktanakorn

The actor-turned-eco-entrepreneuer shows his support to local craftsmanship. He too is #proudlymadeinThailand. (See Pipat's Generation T profile here.)

Piyarat Kaljaruek

What else can you exepct Tae to be doing than luring the cameras by looking slick and dapper as always. Please, teach us your ways! (See Piyarat's Generation T profile here.)

Prakarn Raiva

Not too shabby for photos either is Name Raiva, flawless in this quick snap at Elle Fashion Week. (See Prakarn's Generation T profile here.)

Pasin Lathouras

Pasin was recently with his one true love—cars, of course. (See Pasin's Generation T profile here.)

Srei Vacharaphol

Not even a sleepy Srei could take a bad photo. (See Srei's Generation T profile here.)

Thitid Tassanakajohn

 A chef with style! Get a load of the electric blue trainers Chef Ton wore to Le Du's culinary collaboration with Michelin star Singaporean restaurant Restaurant Labyrinth. (See Thitid's Generation T profile here.)

Vatanika Patamasingh na Ayudhaya

 Last but certaintly not least (except perhaps in terms of clothes),  Queen V stuns us yet again with nearly nothing but her fierce attitude. Why? Because she can. (See Vatanika's Generation T profile here.)

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