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To commemorate its 450th year anniversary, the Rugby School in England initiated the ‘Global Pass’ campaign featuring a GPS-fitted rugby ball to be passed around Rugby School pupils or also known as Old Rugbeians around the world. The tradition recently made its round to the local chapter of the Rugby School of Thailand with the Founding Head and one of the school’s governors M.L. Taya Kityakara hosting the historical pass with honourable alumni including M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra.

The Rugby School  is considered one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK since its establishment in 1567. As one may guess, it is also the birthplace of the sports that has since been celebrated worldwide. Embracing 450 years of educational and pastoral heritage, the Thailand branch is scheduled to open in September of this year. For more information, visit www.rugbyschoolthailand.com.

Follow the Old Rugbeians as they share stories from their time back in Rugby School UK.

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