Since we've reported that Prince Harry already has his eyes locked on his latest love interest Meghan Markle, we thought this is the time to devise a back-up plan, just in case we're definitely not making the title of "Future Kate Middleton". 

Enters Prince Mateen. The fourth son of the Sultan of Brunei has been kicking up a storm on social media with his 338K strong Instagram followers, so we decided to delve into real investigative work to see what the fuzz is all about. Browsing through Prince Mateen's photos, it's clear the 25 year-old polo-playing heartthrob  is the definition of blue blood royalty.  Before you get distracted by his well-toned physique, here are  10 other things about the sun-kissed prince that will have you calling out for Prince Charming.


 He pulls off the official royal garb perfectly.


He can effortlessly channel James Bond. Just look at that suit and tie. 


He loves his mum! Always a good sign.


And animals, he loves animals. Bless his heart.


He just recently finished his Masters degree in International Diplomacy from the University of London. Well certified.


He has friends.


Like we've mentioned before, he's a pro at polo, proving that he's both a good sportsman and a gentleman. Two birds with one stone.


Okay ladies, let's get in formation.


Have you ever seen a man on a horse emerging from the sea looking this majestic? Seriously, have you seen a man on a horse emerging from the sea, ever?

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