When talks about recording the Song Of Love with inspiring young musicians first began, we were quick to approach Funnie, Bea and Dan. We held off on recording dates however, feeling that four—two girls and two boys—was the balance the track needed.

Through Funnie's contacts, we found our wild card, Elf, a Mahidol social science and languages student who had quite the voice we were told. When he arrived at the studio on the day of recording, presenting himself humbly and as out of practice, we were disarmed for the vocal range, tone, control and charisma that would hit us moments later. 

A diva in his own right, we are thrilled of Elf's insistence to pursue his distinct vision for his version of the song. Ocassionally going against the advice of the Karma music producers, the vocal powerhouse layers on challenging vocal techniques as the song progresses. Listen for those runs and harmonies towards the end of the song. That's all Elf. 

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