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 What is it about a royal wedding...

—that draws people to it like a magnet? I mean, sometimes I don't even go to a wedding of someone I know, so why would I make sure I don't miss that of a couple who don't even know I exist? I suppose it is from all those fairy tales that we were fed while growing up. Who doesn't want to be part of a romantic, feel-good celebration that does not come around too often? Especially in the case where the prince picks for his bride a commoner with all the odds stacked against her.   


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Royal wedding talk continued... 

It is estimated that two billion people watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on TV over the weekend. And it was perfect in so many ways: the bride in a simple but elegant dress with no jewellery other than a tiara on loan to her from Queen Elizabeth and minimal make-up (Thai brides take note: sometimes less is more); daring to be different with a non-traditional address to the newyweds and musical programme heavy on non-white participation; and a bride and groom who seem to have eyes only for each other. Even the weather cooperated delivering a sunny pre-summer day. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I spent some four hours that day glued to the TV.


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 The other big event last week was my birthday.

Actually when you get to my age, birthdays are just a way to mark the passing of the years (and boy do they come fast) and not something you want to make a big fuss over. In fact, I would rather forget about each anniversary but thanks to the wonderful people out there I was constantly reminded it was here—yet another year further away from tight skin and sharp mind. But thank you anyway to everyone who took the time to send me flowers and gifts as well as birthday messages. I may hate the nagging reminder, but I do appreciate all the kind thoughts and friendship.


Otherwise last week was pretty quiet,

Not because there were no events but because I had to spend most of my time in the office as we were closing the June issue. I did make it to Samsonite’s celebration of the 10th anniversary of its Cosmolite collection, held at Central World. To mark the occasion the limited edition Cosmolite Gold was presented. At the same time, the event also saw the launch of My Samsonite, a new ladies handbag line to complete the travel look.


The next day...

Grey Goose introduced the Café de Nuit at D’Ark at Piman 49. The ambience of a Parisian late night café was recreated to present three cocktail versions of coffee and vodka: L’Espresso Martini, French Martini and Le Grand Fizz. Hosting the event was Grey Goose’s global brand ambassador Joe McCanta who mixed the cocktails for those who were there to try. Although I am not a fan of cocktails (my tipple is wine) I must say the L’Espresso Martini is one I could develop a taste for.


Finally, a lunch to introduce Gaysorn Urban Resort...

I must say that seemed a bit unnecessary as I had been to this new co-sharing and event space at Gaysorn Village so many times that I didn’t need any further introductions. However, host Charn Srivikorn explained that prior to this, not everything was in place but it was finally ready now. Gaysorn Urban Resort is a lifestyle destination that has been designed to bring work and style together. Perched on the 19th floor, it consists of two levels where social and business activities can connect seamlessly. Memberships are available.


Charn Srivikorn at Gaysorn Urban Resort

Although I only made it to three events last week, this week I will be back at full swing. So stay tuned for more of my exploits.


A real polaroid of me on my birthday

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