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Khunying Pranee Euarchukiati raises awareness of HM the Queen’s worthy initiatives

The HM Queen Sirikit Park Foundation, in collaboration with 26 other organisations, is celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday with a Colors of Nature exposition highlighting the queen’s devotion to her people through her development and environmental projects. Featuring educational exhibitions showcasing agricultural, food and handicraft initiatives, the event takes place in the botanical setting of the Queen Sirikit Park at Chatuchuk during August 9-14. Khunying Pranee Euarchukiati, a member of the HM Queen Sirikit Park Foundation committee, elucidates on the event.

What can people expect from this event?

Our objective is not only to honour Her Majesty the Queen but to also celebrate her royal initiative projects, her thoughtfulness and the effort she has put in to preserve the country’s natural inheritance and eco-systems over many years. We want visitors to enjoy and understand the projects, which include 13 organisations under the Ministry of Agriculture, five organisations under the Ministry of the Environment, Kasetsart University, The Demonstration Farm Project and a host of other organisations which have adopted guidance from the initiative projects. Each participant will exhibit their work in the form of interactive live demonstrations.

What is the highlight of this year’s event?

It is difficult to pinpoint any one highlight. The event consists of so many projects. Each serves a different purpose and so the presentations are all quite different from one another. Just to give you a flavour of what people can admire at the exhibition: a rare breed of fighting fish with tails of unique colours, including the colours of the Thai flag; the first breed of rice that can resist salty soil and brackish water; a variety of textile products such as scarves and blankets made from lotus fibre. There are also agricultural products for sale through a mini marketing organisation for farmers and a mini agriculture fair selling plants.

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How long does it take to organise an event like this and what are some of the challenges?

Not long at all. Each of the participant organisations has one common objective, which is to inform and educate the public of HM the Queen’s royal initiative projects and her concern for her people for the past 60 years. Also, most of these organisations are formed under different ministries or public offices and have long been participants in implementing the royal initiative projects. They are always more than happy to join us in demonstrating Her Majesty’s ideas and how they were able to transform those ideas into functioning projects and products. All we have to do is provide them with the dates and each year, they are ready and eager to participate.

How many visitors do you anticipate this year?

On average we have welcomed 15,000 visitors in previous years. This year we expect to receive youth groups that are affiliated to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and there will be many school children making field trips to this event with their parents and teachers each day. In addition, we hope to welcome other independent groups of people interested in learning about HM the Queen’s royal initiative projects. It will be a great opportunity for those wanting to shop for a variety of wonderful agricultural produce and handicrafts on sale at the event. We expect that visitor numbers this year will surpass 20,000.

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