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Back in August, Generation T lister Vatanika Patamasingh na Ayudhya launched her own reality show, This Is Me Vatanika. Dramatic, extravagant yet tinted with Vatanika realness, the show has proved a viral hit in less than two months with over 299, 000 subscribers to her channel. Following the hype around the Thai designer, we've gathered a definitive list of what it takes to be as crazy, rich and famous as Vatanika—if that's even possible.

1. Your wardrobe sets Bangkok’s trends.iconic looks.jpg

Whether you’re a fashion designer, celebrity or a trendsetter by default, you have a say in shaping the It looks of the season. You pull off all your iconic looks with poise and unflappable charisma, regardless of how bold they are.

2. You have two sinks in your bathroom.sink.png

One for use and the other an art piece not to be used by anyone—not even your sister.

3. You store your money in the fridge.moneyfridge.jpg

Your hectic schedule as classy entrepreneur and constant spending habits make bank runs too much of a hassle. You much prefer keeping your cash on-hand, and what better place to keep it all than your fridge? Also, there’s that extra bonus of having your money crisp and cold every time you grab a bill.

4. You have a butler.butler.png

Who is probably cuter than half the country’s population. He’s also a professional ballroom dancer and has great taste in movies too.

5. You’re friends with Thailand’s top celebrities.celeb.png

You get birthday surprises by the likes of Urassaya Sperbund and Kimberly Ann Voltemas and spend your weekends playing with Araya A. Hargate and her adorable child.

6. But your best friend is a hotshot friend.png

You’re so busy being fabulous, you need someone to make sure your exciting life runs on schedule. She’s on-point, organised and can pull you through any dilemma.

7. The executive chef of L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon visits your house to prepare exclusive meals for you and your friends.michelin.png

Why go through the trouble of making reservations when you can have a Michelin-starred meal from the comforts of your home? The chef loves you anyway.

8. You take random trips to Milan when feeling uninspired.milan.png

Staying in the same place for too long can put a damper on your creativity. When one of those moments comes along, your solution is to take a trip to the other side of the world—because you can. And, to stop your friends from figuring out your plan and following you, you change hotels last minute (though they'll find you anyway).

9. You speak in profound quotes.quotes.png

"There is only one life to enjoy."

10. Everybody was at your birthday party, and it made news. birthday.png

Everybody who is anybody showed up, and those who couldn’t make it were tuned in via the viral social media updates. With a venue filled with Bangkok’s top celebrities, personalities and prominent names—all dressed on-theme as Greek gods and goddesses—it was nothing short of extravagant and newsworthy.

11. You don’t wash your own

Because to maintain your perfect ash blonde locks, you must use a very specific purple shampoo—a shampoo so purple that it would stain your pale nail job. Closed salons don’t hinder you from living out your high maintenance life—you’ll always have your trusty best friends to help you out.

12. Every week, millions tune in to watch you live your

You’re so fabulous, there’s a fanclub for your daily shenanigans.

13. But you never forget where you started.Screen Shot 2561-10-20 at 9.44.55 PM.png

The friends, family and loved ones who stood by you along the way.

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