Tree Pods II.jpg

The Tree Pods at Gaysorn Urban Resort

Ever been on a work retreat that channeled more negativity than productivity? For your next business function, head to the one and only co-sharing space in the elite Ratchaprasong area, Gaysorn Urban Resort. Located on the 19th floor of the Gaysorn Tower, the space has everything from a rooftop deck with an unbeatable 360-degree view of the skyline, to state of the art conference rooms. This versatile urban village welcomes the exploration of new ideas and efficiency for people and businesses alike.

The Horizon Bar II.jpg

The Horizon Bar at Gaysorn Urban Resort

Undeniably rich in life and style, the resort well executes the “WORK, LIVE, PLAY, GROW” approach through the functionality of open spaces, seminar rooms and amazing venues. Gaysorn Urban Resort is designed to connect innovators, creators, thinkers and placemakers in a relaxing, aesthetic environment for revolutionary results. And as if space isn’t enough for prosperity, Gaysorn Urban Resort is also equipped with cutting-edge service providers and amenities to meet all of your needs. Some of these outstanding amenities include office supplies, technological support, common rooms, internet access, grooming rooms and cafes.

Notably, Gaysorn Urban Resort offers an abundance of networking events and social functions to ensure no one misses out on a little play. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate life and all of the successes that come along with it, allow Gaysorn’s team to minister an unforgettable experience in a unique and inspirational setting. Have a look: 

The Great Foyer I.jpg

The Great Foyer

The Crystal Box I.jpg

The Crystal Box functional space for special events and seminars

The Crystal Box II.jpg

The Crystal Box functional space for special events and seminars

The Horizon Bar I.jpg

The Horizon Bar co-working area

The Oak I.jpg

The Oak meeting room

The Peak I.jpg

The Peak meeting room

The Lawn I.jpg

The Lawn seminar room

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