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“You look so much like your mother when she was younger.” It’s a line many daughters have heard before but none more so than the five ladies featured here with their mothers. As the inset pictures of the mums in their younger days show, these pairings could be described as peas in a pod.

Sanitpim And Pitchana Ekachai 

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“It’s my forehead, right? I know, it’s a dead giveaway!” laughs Pitchana, or Janice. “I am my mum in so many ways. My face is almost the same as hers as you can see. Our facial features are so similar that I have actually had people come up to me and call me Gina [Sanitpim’s nickname].” “It’s uncanny really,” says Sanitpim. “Janice has looked like me from a young age whereas her older sister, Pimchana, looks like their father, Chana.” It’s not just in their looks that the two ladies are similar. According to Pitchana, “We are both perfectionists and we are both bossy by nature.” “No we’re not!” rejoins Sanitpim with a smile.

Dr Vina And Orranart Churdboonchart 

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Dr Vina and Orranart Churdboonchart of the Trinity Group have the same smile—a warm beam that extends to the eyes. “We both went to Saint Joseph Convent and whenever we participate in the school’s charity projects and meet my mother’s former school friends, they always point out how much we look alike. I think it’s the nose,” laughs 47-yearold Orranart. Dr Vina adds that they also have the same sense of style, a taste for the classics that enables the mother and daughter duo to share clothes and accessories. “Unfortunately we don’t wear the same size shoes,” jokes Orranart.

Krongkarn And Praewa Pongsathorn

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Praewa’s facial look is certainly that of her mother, although she is adamant that she has her father’s nose. “Everyone says mum and I look very similar and I get told this more and more as I get older,” she laughs. “Personality-wise we are different though,” says Krongkarn. “Praewa is much more like her grandmother, my mum, than me.” “That’s true,” agrees Praewa. “I’m more reserved and not as funny as my mother. I keep to myself more. Mum is also a tough bird. It amazes me the way she can keep up with me.”

Patricia And Dr Cathleen Maleenont 

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Often told that she is the spitting image of her mother Patricia when she was in her 30s, Dr Cathleen admits that she and her mum have a very similar look. “But we have our own styles. I work and have to be professionally presentable, whereas she has her housewife thing going on,” she says with a mischievous grin. “Our voices are different though,” stresses Patricia. “I think that’s because Cathleen grew up predominantly in Thailand whereas I’m from America.” It is a theme Cathleen picks up on immediately. “My siblings all look different and growing up I looked more American than they did. Mum’s genes must be dominant in me.

Srisuphang Pinthanon And Tatcharati Na Ranong

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“Our faces have similarities—particularly around the eyes—and my mother has amazing skin, which I hope I’ve inherited” says Tatcharati, who used to be known as Sasivimol. She also credits her curvaceous figure to her mother. “Tatcharati has looked like me from a young age and we have similar tastes, often dressing in matching outfits. It helps that she has grown slightly taller than me because its a way for people to tell us apart,” says mum Srisuphang with a tongue-in-cheek smile.


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