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Being the sister of three professionally successful brothers and the offspring of parents responsible for a huge real estate and finance group might be the sort of background to cause a young lady to feel somewhat overshadowed. However, 35-year-old Louise Taechaubol is no shrinking violet. Despite her petite frame and quaint composure, the founder of Triton Holding, a leading Thai investment company, is fast becoming recognised as one of the country’s leading businesswomen.

The only daughter of Country Group Securities president Sadawut and Orawan, Louise says her parents have always been supportive of their children’s career paths. “It was my father who noticed something in me that encouraged him to suggest I was made for a career in finance. My mother has been an important influence too. She has a successful real estate business and she’s a very hardworking woman. She inspires me to work hard and I hope to be as successful as she is.”

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The parental influence began at an early age. “We moved to Sydney when I was three and spent several years there. Whenever possible my parents would take me to work with them, so I grew up seeing what they did. Unknowingly I must have learned from them.” The young Louise later graduated from the University of New South Wales with a degree in finance before returning to Thailand to pursue a master’s degree at Chulalongkorn University’s Sasin School of Management.

After graduation, Louise jumped into the world of finance at Siam Commercial Bank where she gained valuable experience and swift promotions to higher positions. This prompted a move to Atkinson Securities—the family business now known as Country Group Securities—as chief investment officer (CIO). Unfazed by the responsibilities of the position she says, “If you had asked me as a child what my dream job was, the answer would always be an investor.” Which explains why, five years later, she decided to switch from securities management to an investment role. “I took pleasure in it to the point where it felt not like work at all. Numbers don’t lie. You have to do your research. When you invest, you have to think clearly and not jump in at every situation. Anything can happen. The most important thing is to love what you do and keep a long-term view.”

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Described as a natural, Louise eventually left her father’s business to work at investment house Triton Holding. Appointed to the roles of chairwoman and CEO in 2016, she has been building the business in international markets with investments in gold and derivatives. “The decision to leave my father’s business was a big one, but I have always relished a challenge,” she says. As if to demonstrate this further she also took on a directorship at engineering procurement and construction management firm Strega, which recently secured a mammoth project worth 3.3 billion baht for the construction of the longest oil pipeline in Thailand.

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But behind the face of Triton Holding is a woman also possessed of artistic skills. Having learnt to play the piano while she was studying in Australia, Louise can play it well with a repertoire spanning a variety of genres. She also enjoys painting in mediums ranging from oil to watercolour and acrylic. “I love the work of Australian artist Marcella Kaspar,” she says. Now single, the proud mother of Disnan (9), Disnad (7) and Disiree Diskul Na Ayudhaya (6) prioritises spending time with her brood during the weekends. “My children are everything to me. We love to swim together and I take my daughter to her ballet lessons. We also play the piano together at home and draw and do homework. Being with them is happiest time for me. Interacting with them is my ultimate way of relaxing.”

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