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The vibes of Beam Nightclub in 72 Courtyard, Thonglor

Music festivals stir up memories of hitching a ride to the nearest ‘happening’, sneaking in through a hole in the hedge, camping out in a muddy field for a couple of days in the same outfit and feeding on crappy burgers and cheap beer. 

But today's music festivals couldn’t be more different. They have become something of a fashion statement—and with a price to match. Whether it’s a big-time gathering like Coachella in the US or our own Wonderfruit festival (55,000 Baht for a 4-night stay in a fully-furnished RV), you can be sure you’ll shell out a pretty penny to join beautiful people in song and selfie. Overpriced is, afterall, the new hobo-chic.

Even further evolved now, you can skip trudging to the countryside and dealing with the hassle of transportation and accomodation altogether. Just simply head down to Beam Nightclub at 72 Courtyard in Thonglor to experience a great lineup of local and international musicians. Glastonbury it isn’t, but you’ll see why it’s a must. 

Beam presents BEAMFEST 2017, a music festival that runs across the two weekends of this month, November 17-19 and 24-26 (4pm-2am each day). The event will see the transformation of the nightclub and the entire 72 Courtyard space into one big musical fairground with food and bar pop-ups, live art performances and, naturally, multiple music stages featuring international acts such as Skream, Cashmere Cat, HVOB, No Regular Play, Swindial and Teenage Mutants. Adding to the fun is a Thai twist with appearances by local talents The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, DCNXTR, Gapi, and Beam’s resident DJs – Marmosets, Maarten Goetheer, Noxro and others. 



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Cashmere Cat

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No Regular Play



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Teenage Mutants

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The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band





 And considering where it's taking place—one of Bangkok's most hyped restaurant hubs—you'll be feasting on festival food 4.0. The gulps and bites at BEAMFEST will be sourced from the likes of Brooklyn, New York-imported Yuji Ramen, two-time Asia’s 50 Best Bars runner-up Jigger & Pony, Batt Tempura and the hippest bars in town right now, such as Backstage and Tropic City.

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Music festival food has never been such a luxury

Also, did we mention that they're putting in a giant slide and a star-watching hanging net for the occasion? 

Grab tickets now via EventPop (1,900 Baht/3 days and 2,900 Baht/6 days). For more information, visit or

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