We met Mathanaplaaew, founder of the SIM 789 numerology consultancy, and her daughter, aspiring actress Raksinaporn, one July morning in the hushed and tasteful surroundings of a Mandarin Oriental suite. Once divested of the bodyguards who escorted the fabulous Brequet watches that were to be worn by our cover duo, the ladies settled down to the task of glamming up for the photo shoot, assisted by their own stylishes and hairdresses. 







Insider: Sharing a penchant for Gucci and Chanel, the pair enjoy shopping together and sharing their clothes. 

Relaxed and very much at ease, mother and daugther actually teared up when talking about their loving relationship and admiration for each other. They were also both full of good advice about each other's outfits for the photo shoot—Raksinaporn particularly happy to wear a custom-made white gown her mum had brought along especially for the occasion.

With the Thailand Tatler team filming and shooting the pair and Mathanaplaawe's own crew recording the proceedings for posterity, the suit was somewhat crowded. However, mother and daughter were patience and cooperation personified and after a few hours, we were able to get the images we needed. 

To read the full scoop on this mother-daughter relationship, find Thailand Tatler's August 2018 issue on newsstands today. 


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