As we welcome 2018, we are given another opportunity to continue creating better versions of ourselves. Now is the perfect time to reflect on how we want to improve our lives and to reflect on how our decisions affect our immediate surroundings, including the environment. The Haribon Foundation reminds us that the choices we make every day – from what we eat to what we buy – impact the one earth that we live in. Here are five habits they advise to consider in our lifestyle choices:


22164546-pexels-photo-802221_resized_1920x1277.jpeg1. Say NO to disposables. Say YES to reusables!

Plastic -- we use them in groceries, as utensils for take-out meals, for coffee cups, and straws for drinks -- the list is endless! We use these disposables only once and discard them after use. Eventually, they end up in landfills, in our oceans, and unfortunately, they also end up being ingested by animals. Try to refuse plastic use and practice the Bring Your Own philosophy. Bring your own bag when shopping, bring your own bottle to refill your drink or use your own spoon and fork for take-outs. 


2. Cut down on junk

Not only is it healthy for your body overall, it’s also good for Mother Nature! Junk food oftentimes comes in non-biodegradable packaging. So if you're cutting down on unhealthy snacking, you might want to choose fruits over chips, eat freshly- cooked over fast food, or learn to prepare your own meals. Not only are you cutting down on plastic packaging, you’re also trimming down the excess calories!


22164546-soap-2726394_1920_resized_1920x1280.jpg3. Choose products with natural ingredients.

Most products these days contain artificial ingredients that are harmful to our health and the environment. Shift to more environment-friendly products that are made up of natural or organic ingredients and materials.



4. Make your own household products.

Try to be more resourceful and creative by making your own household supplies using a few simple ingredients. Did you know that you can use baking soda as toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, dirt scrub and many more? Discover the wonders of baking soda and white vinegar for your household cleaning needs and say goodbye to toxic chemicals. Learn how to make DIY home supplies and save money!


22164547-rice-2103442_1920_resized_1920x1280.jpg5. Buy local

Choosing local products over imported ones means less carbon footprint in the transport of goods while also creating a better demand on our local produce. By choosing local, we also support our indigenous communities, farmers, and artisans who take pride in the craft and labor that they painstakingly do. By keeping in mind our environmental impact in our daily lifestyle, we also choose what is good for us. Remember that saving Mother Earth is ultimately saving ourselves and the future generations.


Take a bigger step for the environment this year! Be a member of the Haribon Foundation and join exciting conservation activities like tree planting, coastal cleanup and many more. To learn more about Haribon, visit their Facebook page or e-mail