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The Classy Couple: Elizabeth Chambers x Armie Hammer

Absolutely stunning in matching Armani, Elizabeth Chambers and her hubby Armie Hammer show us what it means to slay in style. 

The Sexy Couple: Joe Manganiello x Sofia Vergara

As if Sofia Vergara—with her stunning curves and vibrant Latina persona—and  Joe Manganiello weren't intoxicatingly gorgeous enough on their own, together they are unbeatable. Shoutout to the sexist eye-candy combo on the carpet, whose couple shots had us melting over our screens. We love you, so so much.

The Aww-Inducing True-Love Couple: Meryl Streep x Don Gummer

Let's face it—true love is Don Gummer snapping photos of his beloved, the inmeasurably talented Meryl Streep, from behind as she poses for the press on the red carpet. Since tying the knot in 1978, the couple has continued to fill us with fuzzy positivity as they attend events together and make us believe in everlasting love. 

Best Squad: The Black Panther Gang

While love—especially glamorous, celebrity love—was definitely in the air at the Oscars , the friendship game was strong as well. Shout out to the striking Black Panther trio who continue winning our hearts even after the incredible film's premier. Wakanda Forever!

Friendship Goals: Jennifer Lawrence x Emma Stone

Of course, while we're talking friendship goals, how could we not mention the Jennifer Lawrence-Emma Stone duo. From bomb snaps to taking jabs at each other during the ceremony and the straight-up hilarious facial expressions they can pull out of nowhere, this combo definitely tops our #friendshipgoals list.

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