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Photo: Courtesy of IG @calistathepitbull

In light of the fact that this year marks the Chinese year of the dog, we've taken the liberty of compiling a selection of Insta-famous four-legged fur balls you should be following if you absolutely adore dogs! Here they are 10 IG dog accounts we're obsessed with: 

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Loki The Wolfdog

As the exploratory duo Kelly Lund and his best friend Loki—a husky, arctic wolf and malamute mix—trek through the towering sandstone hills of Monument Valley or the Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna Mountains, their 1.7 million followers are taken on an adventurous journey as well. With beautiful snaps that are both envy-inducing and meaningful, Lund and his pooch hope to inspire others to go out and explore the world with their canine friends.


Reagan is one of those dogs that don’t have to do much to be adorable, mostly due to his teddy bear-like appearance. The Australian labradoodle loves to play and pose for the camera with his favourite little humans.

Geordi The Corgi

There’s just something about a corgi’s oddly shaped body—long trunk, ridiculously short legs and fluffy behind—that makes it so amusingly cute. If there’s a dog that knew he was meant for fame, it’s Geordi, who nails each shot effortlessly.

Doug The Pug

Some animals are just better at posing for the camera than humans. Doug the Pug, who has taken doggie fashion to another level, is one of them. With over 3 million followers, this mushy-faced hound has been featured in articles in Cosmopolitan, Time, Huffington Post and more. Add some humour to your feed and follow this account.

Calista The Pittie

Pitbulls are a highly misunderstood breed and sweet Calista is living proof of that. When raised in a proper environment, they are the sweetest and most loyal companions you’ll ever have. Found in severely bad shape, it is a miracle Calista is still alive. With her neverending tail-wagging, she now lives a happy life where she receives plenty of hugs and kisses from her rescuer.

Harlow And Sage

This family of flappy ears was originally composed of duo Sage the miniature dachshund and Harlow, a weimaraner. When Sage passed away in 2013, miniature dachshunds Reese Lightning and Indiana Thunderbolt joined the group, and now they form one adorable gang.

Life With Malamutes

Often mistaken for huskies, these giant fluff balls—AKA Alaskan Malamutes—the oldest Arctic sled dogs are irresistible when it comes to getting hugs. And who ever said cats and dogs can’t get along? Niko, Phil and their sister Milo the cat form an inseparable trio.

Malcolm The Akita

Handsome Malcolm the Akita was born with a heart-shaped pattern on his chest. Behind his fierce appearance, he’s really just a bundle of joy and love, always ready for new adventures.

A Husky Named Blu

If you need a good laugh, this is the account for you. Blu, the talkative Siberian husky, and his sister Luna pull silly facial expressions and throw tantrums that are sure to brighten up your day.

Bonus: Juniper

She’s no regular dog but nonetheless a part of the canine family. Juniper the red fox is simply too cute to not add to the list. She was rescued from a fur farm and now lives the happiest life, spending most of her days napping and playing with her pals Moose the gentle giant, Fig—a baby fox also recently rescued from a fur farm—and Chewy who, after months of despising him, Juniper has come love.

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