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Have you seen the latest issue of Monocle magazine? If you have, then did you see a familiar face there? Yes, moi! Under the Opinion Formers section of the February issue, there are interviews with eight media representatives from different countries, with only two from Asia. There's a gentleman from Tokyo, BS Asahi TV presenter Sochiro Tahara, and yours truly from Bangkok. Great to have the chance to plug for Thais and especially for Thailand Tatler, don't you think? That pretty much made my week! 


But of course appearing in Monocle was just the beginning. Things are really getting back to normal in terms of the number of events crammed into my week. There was the unveiling of Pleats Please by Issey Miyake's special collection to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Thailand. Designed especially for Thai fans, the limited series features red seabream motifs and is available only at the Siam Discovery flagship store.Pleats please.jpg

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It was a busy week for Club 21, the distributor, as the following day there was another event to introduce the new Sarran collection. Designed by Sarran Youkongdee who creates what he calls "art to wear" by working with unique materials in innovative designs that reflect Thai traditions, he has made only three pieces of each of the stunning jewellery presented. 

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Normally I stay away from parties where I know guests are going to number a thousand or more, but I suppose there are always exceptions. I went to the unveiling of the new King Power at Rangnam as I was hoping to see company chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who I haven't seen for a long time. As expected, with so many guests, there wasn't enough parking and I had to bully my way into getting a space. The event was held around a huge water fountain and opened with a spectacular show featuring water choreography, dancing ladies, singer Lydia Deane and an aerial acrobat hanging under high floating white balloons. The highlight was the introduction of Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing as King Power's presenter. And, despite the huge crowd, I did get a chance to have a brief chat with Vichai, so it was worth the effort.

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I had a nice lunch mid-week at Central Embassy's Embassy Room with Anan Petdachai of Bulgari who introduced me to his new boss, Teo Sze Lin, marketing and communications director for Southeast Asia and India. She replaces Asha Langdown, who has retired after over 20 years with the brand in Singapore. I also met an interesting man, Yun Longzi, a feng shui master who creates artworks and sculptures that incorporate precious natural elements such as gold and silver under the Lotus on Water brand. Master Yun was in town for an exhibition at the Emporium and I had dinner with him at Jim Thompson House prior to the event.

A face from the past appeared at the Michael Kors preview of the spring collection at W Hotel. Dinesh Kandiah, who used to handle Louis Vuitton’s regional communications and was a regular in Bangkok, joined Michael Kors in New York after he left more than four years ago. I hadn’t seen him since, so it was great to be able to catch up with him again at this event. This was followed by a dinner at the Belgian residence hosted by ambassador Philippe Kridelka and his wife, Pascale Fabre, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the First Treaty between the kingdoms of Thailand and Belgium. Dinner was prepared by chef Nooror Steppe of Blue Elephant, a Thai-Belgian naturellement, with Belgian chocolates from Jean-Louis Graindorge of Gallothai.

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Saturday came all too fast, and it was a very busy day, starting with the Thai Polo Open at B Grimm’s Thai Polo Club in Pattaya. It was a pity the weather had started turning back to the temperatures we are more familiar with—if the event had been held a week earlier when we were still experiencing the unusually cool days, it would have been perfect. HRH Princess Siriwannavari Nariratana made an appearance and was welcomed by Harald Link and Nunthinee Tanner. As usual, it was an enjoyable event packed with food, games, shopping, socialising, polo (of course) and charity, but I had to leave before the end as I had a dinner to go to.

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Arriving back in Bangkok I made a quick change of clothes and put on a new face of makeup and drove to the Portuguese embassy. I had been invited to join Suvimol Mahagitsiri and her husband Prayudh at their table in the embassy's beautiful garden right by the river. The event was organised by the embassies of Ireland and Portugal to raise funds for the Good Shepherd Sisters in Thailand. It was a sold-out event with a full programme hosted by Portuguese ambassador HE Francisco Vaz Patto and Irish ambassador Brendan Rogers. The night also comprised of a song and dance performance by Mick Moloney and Niall O’Leary, fashion show by Helen Steele and music by the Keith Nolan Band.

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Since even God the Almighty had to rest on Sunday, thank goodness I was able to too.

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