"What am I going to write about?" was my immediate thought as I sat down in front of my computer. Last week was so quiet it felt like a long weekend in Bangkok for the whole week and not just at the end. But then again, there were only three working days for me: Monday was a holiday as it was Christmas, and I took Friday off. I normally hardly ever use my vacation days and often end up losing the entire lot but am beginning to see the folly of giving up what many wish they had more of. The reason for taking that one day off will be explained later. 

Anyway, quiet as it was, the week wasn't totally devoid of activity. There was an invitation by Pernod Ricard, distributor of Perrier-Jouet to enjoy some holiday champagne at Flute at the Perrier-Jouet bar on the 64th floor of Le Dome at State Tower. Le Dome's managing direct Deepak Ohri was kind enough to call me up himself so I couldn't say no. However another cool spell (very welcome) and rain (much less so) gave the organisers second thoughts as the event was to have been held outdoors, with the result it was postponed. 

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But the week was relatively busy with work—it was actually nice not to have to rush out for an event and to use that time to get on with the waiting load of assignments. There was also still a stream of visitors bringing New Year wishes and presents—very much more welcome this one! We are very grateful for the kindness of all who remembered us during this festive season. 

OK, so why did I take Friday off? Well, my younger son works in London and he was back home for the holidays, arriving a week before Christmas and flying back on New Year’s Eve. He always tries to come back around this time or in January, but I usually end up with very little time to spend with him because of my very busy schedule. And that’s why this time I thought, what the heck, I am going to take a day off so as to have more time with him. And I'm glad I did. It's not often I have both sons together—although the older one lives in Bangkok, if lucky I get to see him only once a week, so to have those few days with both boys was a lovely New Year present for my husband and I. That's what being parents is all about. No matter how old your children are and what they do, they will always be your kids and having them around completes the picture. Not sure if all children feel the same way though! 

Another lovely present was the weather. We had not one, but two cold spells in December, with low temperatures very rarely seen in Bangkok. If only we could have more such days than this I could almost forget the rude drivers and gridlocked traffic. I am not going to be greedy but can we have one last spell before the mercury starts rising? And let’s just hope that Mother Nature doesn’t decide to give us a really hot summer just because we have had a nice winter.

My New Year’s Eve was quiet, just a dinner with the family that was left, but it was a good celebration. I hope you had a good one too and let’s hope for good health, happiness and peace for 2018 for everyone.

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