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Last week was a rather quiet one in terms of events. This happens every year. There is a rush of parties leading up to the second week of December, then the social whirl winds down during the last two weeks. I did still have at least one invitation every day last week, but I could not get to all of them as there is A LOT of work during this time. In January, other than the issue for that month, we also have a Hua Hin Focus, plus our social bible Society, as well as Expat Society. Then there is also Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurants 2018 coming out in March, which means all the work has to be finished before February. So this is really one of the busiest periods for the editorial team.

I went to a lovely event last week: the opening of Sretsis Parlour at Central Embassy. The Sukhahuta sisters—Klyduan, Pimdao and Matina—are known for their fantasy-fairytale inspired fashion label Sretsis. It is a world that dreamers would love to withdraw into, and now they can at this “confectionary and lifestyle destination” where the tea and cakes look too beautiful to eat and the setting makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland. Custom-made furniture and intricate hand-painted facades blend with a carpet of daisies and wallpaper created in collaboration with renowned British company House of Hackney. The brand is a favourite of the sisters and when they finally connected, it was very much a coming together of like-minded people. Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle, founders of the House of Hackney, produced for the tea room the wallpaper as well as fine bone china tea sets and tableware from Sretsis’ signature Tamed Lovers print, all of which are available for sale.

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I have never had any luck with door prizes but it was different this time—I hope this means my luck will change with the new year! We were given a little card when we arrived and only six of them were especially marked. And wouldn’t you know it, I had one of the marked ones, which meant I was one of the six to get a small cake brought out by the models. Then we were told that in one of the cakes, there was a small doll hidden in it. So I started digging into my cake, totally destroying the beautiful decorations on it as I went about it. And there it was—a little ceramic unicorn, one of four little dolls that can be ordered to celebrate a special occasion. My prize was a lovely Sretsis/House of Hackney tea set, something with which I would be very proud to host a tea party.

The other event I went to was the Shiseido Christmas party, at Siwilai City Club at Central Embassy. It was a pity the unusual cold weather had started to warm up somewhat. We had to be seated in the air-conditioned inside rather than the open-air section. But the red and white decorations helped to create a festive atmosphere as well as the warmth of the Shiseido team led by managing director Tatsuki Nagao. Having worked in the US for some time, he is a very cosmopolitan Japanese who speaks perfect English and is a very genial host.

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Also holding a holiday season party was Sisley’s Rujitr Suthanaseriporn. With so many print magazines having closed down during the last two years, the kind lady made it a point to invite the former beauty editors and writers who were affected as well. It was a quite an emotional get-together for everyone. The party was held at the new Sara Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 3, owned by her friend who served a buffet of delicious home-made specialities.

I had made plans to spend the Christmas weekend in Kuala Lumpur and so missed two very high-profile weddings: Passakorn Chirathivat to Rasri Margie Balenciaga and Voramas Srivadhanaphrabha to Ravi Itiravivong. Passakorn, or Pok, is the son of Suthikiati of the Central Group and Apasra Hongsakula and Voramas is the daughter of King Power tycoon Vichai. However, since each of those weddings would have had guests numbering in the thousands, I am sure I was not missed at all.

Why spend Christmas in KL? Well, first of all, we get December 25 off so that means a three-day weekend. Second, this is a time to be with family and close friends and since my sister and I spent our teen years there, it was good to be able to spend it with people you grew up with. So even though there was no snow and no burning fireplace, there were lots of good company and good food including turkey made by friends who are really good cooks. Hope you had as merry a Christmas as I did.

ND Xmas.jpg(Revisit: Naphalai's Diary: December 11-17)

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