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Don’t tell anyone. I am someone you would call tech challenged. I was, after all, born before computers were invented and grew up without mobile phones and social media. I always read the manuals when I buy a new device—and even then don’t understand enough to get it to work. That’s when I hand the thing over to my teenage nephew who instinctively knows how to operate it without having to read instructions!

I remember when mobile phones started becoming popular. I was in no rush to get one, and when I did, would only turn it on to make calls. That used to frustrate my friends who couldn’t contact me so I had to keep it on, but only during the day. The complaints didn’t stop so the phone had t o be on all week, but
off during the weekends. Well, now it’s on all the time but I still use more of the phone and messaging functions than anything else.

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Technology is supposed to help make life more comfortable and convenient. And even I must agree that it has. However, it has also made people lazier and less reliant on themselves. When was the last time you tried to figure out something for yourself without reaching for the computer or phone? You do realise, don’t you, that brain cells die away if they are not used? It would be the greatest irony to be taken over by robots—to allow the machines we built to become smarter than their creators.

But that ’s the doomsayer’s scenario. No, technology can, if used wisely, only help us to advance further. I may not be too tech-savvy, but I am learning, as I don’t want to be left behind. Neither do I want to be labelled as belonging to the last century. As you will see from this issue, the tech world is filled with bright young minds. While Thailand may lag somewhat behind some of our neighbours, there are more than enough emerging stars for us to move on to the next level. But they will need more than just talk from the authorities about Thailand 4.0 for us to get there.

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