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When September comes around, there is the feeling of the start of a new business and social season. This is because schools around the world are off for their long breaks and businesses are relatively quiet during this time so families can take vacations together. In fact, in Europe don’t expect to get much work done in August as most people have taken off. In Thailand where schools do not follow the same calendar, September seems to bring with it a new burst of energy. It’s as though Mother Nature is saying, “You’ve had your rest. It’s now time to get back to work.”

The months of June, July and August—the rainy season here—normally see fewer social events. However, with the arrival of September life certainly becomes more animated, not least because this is the month we traditionally celebrate Thailand Tatler’s anniversary ball, an eagerly awaited event that makes for a good start to the new season.

This year we celebrate our 26th anniversary. Thais call the 25th year benchaped and it is believed that it tends to bring negative experiences. Many are advised to make a lot of merit to counter this. However, once you get to your 26th year you are considered to be out of the woods and the way ahead should be bright and rosy. Well, our 25th year was a real challenge, difficult as it was for many in the print publishing industry. So, as we head into our 26th year, let’s hope the Thai belief holds true and things start to get better. After all, with ever-growing figures across our digital platforms, we are confident the Tatler brand will only continue to strengthen in the market.

This growth happens with the support of readers and friends who have been behind us from day one, and even though some of these people are no longer around, it is encouraging to see that the next generation are becoming Tatler stalwarts. We thank you for choosing us for your reading pleasure in print and online and we look forward to remaining your guide of choice to the finer things in life.

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