A few months ago, our digital editor took on a special secret project for Thailand Tatler involving four musically-gifted kids, one famous recording studio near the sea and one “song of love”. Here are some photos she snapped with her analogue cameras while working on the set of Thailand Tatler’s Song of Love at Karma Sound Studios on June 17, 2017.

(See primary story: A Simple Song Of Love To The Memory Of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej)


Singers Dan, Bea, Elf and Fun take their positions in Karma's grand recording studio for the final scene of the music video.


Fun and Bea doing a little vocal exercise together during the down time.


More Fun and Bea bonding time. We really think they should be a professional duo.


Dan in the studio alone, recording his own rendition (hint-hint) of the Song Of Love.


We let the kids rearrange the song to their likings.


Bea trying to get the harmony down as Fun sings the melody.


Elf recording his original tracking—he never leaves mood at the door.


Polaroid portraits of the young musicians. 


Just look at that soundboard!


More soundboard. Do they really use all those knobs?


Bea hanging out with the Karma sound engineers, Rhys and Henry.


In matching tops, Bea and Henry.


You can't tell in still photography, but Rhys' hands were fast at work putting all the tracks together in one day.


Group photos plus a gratuitous snap of Thailand Tatler's mascot, Snowie the Westie, who resides at Chonburi. 


"That's a wrap!"
-  Daniel Nardone, Pawinpon Theerawong, Supisa Williamson (Karma Sound Studios), Mika Apichatsakol, Rhys Fletcher, Henry Watkins, Beatrice Sweeney and Jirana Williamson

 Watch the official music video of  Song Of Love here: 

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