Chef Chandler Schultz’s deep-seated connection with food and cooking came about at a very young age. At 16 years old, he started training at a traditional, family-run Japanese restaurant in Pennsylvania as the owner’s apprentice. After culinary school, the young gent worked in several kitchens, with stints in Mediterranean, French and modern American cuisines. It wasn’t until 2015 that he got in touch with chef Thitid Tassankajohn of Le Du fame via a mutual friend. “Baagadin was in its conceptual stage at the time, and a month after that first email I was in Bangkok,” says the 26-year-old. To date, Schultz has also added modern Thai to his repertoire. 

We sat down Schultz at the restaurant for a quick catch up and to find out more about the young chef's other life outside the kitchen. See the rest of the other culinary superstars on our Thailand's Most Eligible Chefs list.