For this month’s issue, we head for Benedict Studio, one of Bangkok’s most in-demand photo shoot venues thanks to its lavish decoration. Grace Mahadumrongkul quickly proves herself a total pro by gamely jumping through all the hoops that conducting an interview and shoot entails while simultaneously taking care of her daughter, who is joining her on the cover. As we watch Grace flaunting different glamourous outfits and pieces from Bulgari’s Serpenti jewellery collection, it is obvious that she’s a natural and that the camera loves her. She nails each shot with effortlessly stylish poses. As for our other adorable cover girl, little Jatym does have a brief moment of crankiness when we try to take away her blanket, but other than that surprises us all with her calmness. After a lot of clapping and arm waving from Jatym’s dad Jongjet and grandmother Gloria she beams for the camera. Conducting a cover shoot is fun but it usually means a long and tiring day for everyone involved; however both mother and daughter rocked it. The day wraps up with Grace giving us more insight into what it’s like balancing a successful career with being a doting mum.

Behind the Scenes aug 02