The Song “A Simple Song of Love” was first performed at the Thailand Tatler 25th Anniversary Ball in September 2016. Written specially for the Thailand Tatler Heroes TV show featuring Da Endophine and the school children of Yaowawit School in Phang Nga Kapong district, this song is to be featured again in a nationwide competition asking schools across Thailand to upload their version of the song to the Thailand Tatler’s YouTube channel. Details will soon be unveiled, but the winners will get to record their version at a professional recording studio before the song is released to the public.

The young lady who first sang the song is 16-year-old Fun Williamson, a friend of Da’s and the daughter of Lek Williamson who manages the world famous Karma Recording Studio in Bang Saray. Fun aired the song recently again, as part of a four-number set, at the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand’s Christmas lunch held at the Amari Watergate Bangkok. A daunting task given that the room was filled with five hundred or so mostly middle-aged British men who had taken good advantage of the copious amounts of beer and wine served prior to and during the lunch.

We caught up with Fun after her lunch-time performance and asked her a few questions.

 TT: What was it like to sing that song to an audience that was perhaps looking more for cover versions than originals?

FW: I chose it because it has a message that I think everyone should recognise. With everything going on in the world, it’s a plea for all of us to step up and make a change. I like that it’s written in the perspective of children. It’s that innocence and will to care for the world around us. It’s a simple message that love should replace hate around the world. And children will take the lead.

TT: What happened to the sound at the start of your set? More seasoned performers might have panicked but you seemed to just shrug it off.

FW: Yeah that was a pain, but in a way it helped settle my nerves. It also got everyone’s attention as I had to start again and people stopped eating and talking and listened. I think I am lucky as nothing fazes me much. I love singing and I love the songs I chose, so I just got on with it. Lots of people were nice to me after including the new British Ambassador Brian Davidson. He said he loved my performance which I think made my mum and dad, who were there, very proud.

TT: You are 16 years old, tall with model looks, a great voice and all the qualities of mixed race parentage that is all the rage in Thailand. What do you think the future holds? Soap-opera star, a few hit songs and fan base of adoring Thai teenagers? Or is there something else on the agenda?

FW: Definitely not just focusing on one skill only. I love studying and deep down I hope I can get into law school. Singing and song-writing is also a passion and I know that only hard work will get me to where I eventually want to be. I want to keep all options open for now. It does mean sacrifices and I have to find time to study as well as rehearse and practice. I think I want to be well-rounded and I still have time to choose where things will take me. Let’s see.

TT: Okay, here’s a tough question. So many talented kids are pushed hard by their parents. What’s your view on that?

FW: You want to get me killed! Yeah it can be an issue, but in my case, I have my own mind and I do things the way I want to do them. My parents are massive supporters and I have two older sisters who are also around to help. I feel really lucky right now.

TT: So, top international human rights lawyer or leading singer-songwriter?

FW: Why can’t I have both? I’d love to be a lawyer that can make a difference and I also love to perform my songs in public. To be honest, my heart says to be that lawyer right now, but who knows?

TT: Last question. You write songs and we think that they have a dark edge to them. What’s that all about?

FW: You noticed that! I write about things that move my friends and me. This could be relationship or thoughts about what is needed to make things better for everyone or to end things that are so wrong for so many reasons. It’s also why I really like “Simple Song of Love”.  The message is perfect. It’s time for young people to be heard and to make a difference.

TT: We can’t argue with that!

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