Nicharee Phatitit, Lifestyle Writer

Wants: Away The Field Set ( in Blush)

This mini suitcase is filled with compact essentials for the humble travelling writer. Did I also mention that the case comes in millennial pink?


Prijayanat Kalampasut, Lifestyle Writer

Wants: The Harnn Signature Treament, Sukhothai Passage

At this time of year what I really need is some deep replenishing and rejunation. Someone please get me the full treatment at Harnn—the kind where you wake up feeling 20 years younger after three hours of full body pampering.


Ploylada Sucharitachandra, Senior Lifestyle Writer

Wants: Mansur Gavriel’s Mini Bucket Bag

I adore everything about Mansur Gavriel’s (Mini) Bucket Bag—its clean lines, understated boldness as well as functionality. But the problem is… I want one in each colour.


Matt Wilde, Features Editor

Wants: A Mont Blanc Limited Edition Fountain Pen

I like to edit on paper but I keep losing my crappy biros. Mont Blanc’s beautiful hommage to astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus is made from white gold and decorated with diamonds. Now that’s a pen I might take better care of.    


Alisa Mekmanee, Deputy Editor

Wants: Harrods' Chevaux Du Vent Tableware Set

I've been eyeing the gorgeous sugar bowl from this set—not for sugar but for my famous baked cheese sticks—but then I thought, why not just ask for the whole set? And maybe someone could throw in a bottle of wine while they're at it. 


Naphalai Areesorn, Editor-In-Chief

Wants: The New Princess 55

How about a yacht to sail the seas and not to have to return to work? Lift anchor and full speed away from responsibilities!


Mika Apichatsakol, Head Of Digital/Digital Editor

Wants: Gucci's UFO Embroidered Wool Silk Gown

This pink Gucci UFO gown is just all kinds of right. Contrary to popular belief, pink is my favourite colour to wear and I’m a huge fanatic of the outerworldly. Gucci is definitely from another planet.


Patraporn Peekawitsanuporn, Digital Content & Strategy Manager

Wants: Kina Beatle Laminated Mary Jane

Christmas is the ultimate time to channel Jane Birkin's spirit. (In fact, when isn’t the time?!) The special lacquered effect on these timeless slippers offer a festive vibe and my shoe closet could use a pair or two. 


Veerachai Charoenjai, Graphic Designer

 Wants: The New Amazon Echo

Voice-controlled and intelligent, you can ask this speaker questions and even command it to turn off your room lights. So, no more of that manual labour when you’re already comfy in bed at night and ready to drift off.  


Thanyathorn Mateekusonton, Digital Media Sales Executive

Wants: HP Sprocket Photo Printer

It’s like having a little instant print shop in your bag!


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