Thinking of getting your man something special this Valentine’s? Shopping for men gets a bit tricky, especially on an occasion like Valentine’s Day where diamonds simply do not impress. From techies to traditionalists, here, we take the stress out of the process with our top picks for any types of guy in your life.

Iconic: Omega

Omega Speedmaster (1000x750).jpg

Inspired by the original CK 2998 released in 1959 that has since become one of the most sought-after vintage Speedmasters in the world, the new Speedmaster CK2998 limited edition has the same vintage flair as its 1959 counterpart, with many of the iconic features retained. If you are searching for something timeless that would stay with your significant other for a long time, this is definitely a worthy investment worth checking out. 

 Futuristic: Bulgari

bulgari.jpgEven though not as many men wear accessories as women, some of them do like slight embellishments to stand out. Be sure to check out Bulgari’s latest B.zero1 design legend ring. This unique masterpiece by architectural design connoisseur Zaha Hadid resembling the Colosseum represents a bold statement of power through the fluid and curvaceous designs. There’s nothing more perfect for powerful men than this revolutionary ring.

 Hi-tech: Vive

htcvive (590x332) (1000x625).jpg

If he is not into extravagant objects but loves technology, the VIVE headset gives you an opportunity to really show him that you care. This virtual reality (VR) headset will bring him into a fantasy world through rec room-type games. The headset features stunning graphics, a 110˚ field of view, intuitive controls and HD haptic feedback to provide an unparalleled sense of immersion. With this bad boy, he is guaranteed to let you enjoy your Downton Abbey time in peace.

 Dapper: Cartier Cufflinks

cartier (500x372).jpg

A man who loves to look dapper while attending social events will no doubt be accustomed to tuxedoes. A truly fashionable one would prefer to select out his clothes himself so what can you buy him? Cufflinks. With the intricate details of the trinity de cartier cufflinks, which honours Cartier's long-standing tradition of creating fine objects, he will find himself standing out in the crowd.

 Stylish: Fendi Sunglasses

fendisunglasses (393x500).jpg

These vintage-inspired dark blue frame with gold-finish metalware shades scream high fashion. The slightly square design and brown lenses will definitely appeal to your fashionista partners, who would want something edgy yet stylish. It’s a subtle accessory that would do any man justice. 

 Practical: Mont Blanc


Something more elegant for everyday use is definitely the handcrafted Meisterstück Martelé Sterling Silver Fountain Pen with 18K gold nib rhodium-coated. Great for businessmen and men in high-powered positions, this fountain pen can add gracefulness and confidence to his every stroke.

 Alluring: Tom Ford

tom-ford-vert-de-fleur (1000x750).jpg

Something simple yet sophisticated is the private blend vert de fleur. With a combination of floral and woody scents from the bergamot, jasmine and warm vetiver, you get a harmonising, seductive scent. Sounds like something that will make your man even more captivating?

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