lifebuzz-216ef2ab05569a2665af5cd6e74e3fc0-limit_2000.jpgPloylada Sucharitachandra, Senior Lifestyle Writer

"I will admit that I'm not usually the nicest person before my first morning cuppa. This alarm clock that doubles as a coffee brewer by Joshua Renouf is about the best innovation I need in my life right now. Another one on the top of my list would be attending an Atelier Nespresso event, but since I seem to miss it every year, this Barisieur will do."

BOWIE-tatler-17nov16-pr_b_1080x720_Max.jpgMax Crosbie-Jones, Features Editor

"I was going to go for something that will make me look more trendy on this list, like a new tailored suit, but then I stumbled across these hand-painted David Bowie nesting dolls from Freya + Mylo and that just settles it. Glad 2016 is wrapping up, RIP star man."

Villa Ocean's 11 - Naphalai.jpgSinsiri Tiwutanond, Head of Digital and Social

"Can't have too much fancy in your life. This Aervana gadget is apparently the world's first electric wine aerator, essentially turning your wine bottle into a tap and helps to saviour the taste in the bottle. Will definitely come in handy when my relatives start asking too many questions about my love life at holiday gatherings."

metronaps_niap.pngPrijayanat Kalampasut, Lifestyle Writer

"Just imagine having this energy pod at the office. What a dream."

Christian LaCroix Tea Set_Alisa.jpgAlisa Mekmanee, Deputy Editor

"I love having afternoon tea sessions with my family and this tea set from Christian Lacroix would make a great addition to my porcelain collection. You know what else goes really well with tea?  My homemade cheesy breadsticks, which you can order on my Instagram." (Editor's note: please use your own descretion when self-promoting.) 

ulysse-nardin-year-of-the-rooster_Jarunee.jpgJarunee Setthapinun, Advertising Manager

"2017 is the rooster year in the Chinese calendar, so this Ulysse Nardin Classico Rooster timepiece is a perfect gift for myself to welcome the new year."

Saint Laurent_Kate Clutch_Shannon.jpgShannon Tanwani, Online Writer

"This silver lizard embossed leather clutch from Saint Laurent is just the perfect accessory for the upcoming holiday parties. It's got that classic Saint Laurent design, but the tassle adds that bit of fun without being too over-the-top."

HTC VIVE_top (1000x625).jpgVeerachai Charoenjai, Graphic Designer

"What better way to escape this holiday than immersing yourself in virtual reality. This HTC Vive VR set is probably going to take up most of my time, so I would like to bid farewell to my social life right here, right now."

Villa Ocean's 11 - Naphalai.jpgNaphalai Areesorn, Editor-in-Chief

"For this holiday, I'm looking for something more simple, perhaps a quick weekend getaway to recharge and reflect on things before the new year rolls around. The Villa at Ocean's 11 overlooking the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay in Phuket seems like a good option for a family retreat."


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