lvairpods1.jpgBe ready to get your hands on the coolest fashion-tech accessory. Louis Vuitton is crossing over from fashion, accessories and perfumes into the world of audio and technology.  Horizon is the name of their new “airpods”, which come covered in the LV monogram, ready to sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Master & Dynamics is the company behind the production of this jetsetter accessory. Based in New York City, they are well known for their amazing audio systems.

lv airpods.jpg

The earbuds come with a 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity and will run for 3.5 hours on a full charge. If you'd like to listen to music for over 10 hours straight, no worries—the stainless steel case the buds come in provides an additional 10.5 hours of listening.

Choose between four different monogram colour options, including  red, white, yellow and black with rainbow colour lines. Although there’s no word yet about the LV airpods' release date, we know you’ll be able to get them for only US $995.


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