PC 2018 Flea Market New Cover+.jpgWhat are your plans this weekend? How about getting on a horse carriage and shopping for vintage at a horse race? If that sounds perfectly and eccentrically you, then the Princess' Cup Thailand is where you'll want to be this Friday-Sunday.

This year, your favourite flea market event, Made By Legacy, is hosting The Flea Market at the Princess' Cup, taking place at The Royal Stable Unit Bangkok.The outdoor market welcomes everyone to enjoy over 80 shops dedicated to vintage fashion and wares to mouthwatering bites and refreshing drinks, as the races take place. There will also be live music played throughout the day, an open invitation break out some moves on the lawn. 

Besides the exciting flea market for vintage lovers, the Princess' Cup is an occasion for animal lovers and families. Come watch the nation's best-trained horses compete in five contests: Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Best Groom and Best Farrier. There are also two competitions for dogs, the Supreme Dog Show 2018 and a mini marathon Run With Dogs, so bring your pooch! Children can also try their hand at a model horse painting competition. 









The Flea Market at Princess’ Cup Thailand 2018 takes place on November 23-25, 2018, from 1 to 10pm, at The Royal Horse Guard, Sanam Pao (accessible by BTS). Entry and parking is free, and the event is made possible by B Grimm, the Thailand Equestrian Federation and Made by Legacy.

For more information, visit  fb.com/princesscup2018.

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