Designed by the Ferrari Design Center and developed by Poltrona Frau, the Poltrona Cockpit is the revolutionised office chair. These two prestigious Italian companies have crossed over at an intersection of Poltrona Frau’s hand-crafted tradition and Ferrari’s technological prowess to create a unique and innovative piece. Drawing inspiration from a pilot’s emotions, the Cockpit armchair transfers a car-racing seat into a chair infused by speed, enthusiasm and a passion for racing.



Classica 1


Scuderia 2

Available in three separate designs modeled after Ferrari’s well-known race car models, customers have the option among Scuderia 1 or 2, Classica 1 or 2 and Inedita. From there, the customer is in the driver seat and has the option to choose from dozens of colors, as well as two different shells, bases,and stitchings for each.

Allow the Cockpit to usher you into the fast-lane at the office with a sleek and transformative sitting experience. Pick up yours today at the Less Is More showroom Sukhumvit 51. 


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